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We started using PavePro in the Spring of 2015 after visiting their booth at the World of Asphalt in Baltimore. We took delivery of a small quantity, used it on tool and like it very well. So much that we tried it on truck beds and it work very well. We ended up using about 300 gallons last year and are planning to do the same this year.
RickOpen Road Paving
For the last ten years we have used PavePro to keep our equipment clean and running as it should. This solvent has been approved by the FDOT for use as such. We can use this product in the field unlike the old standby, diesel fuel. It has no adverse effects on the environment and does a great job.
BarryLane Construction, Florida
Before we started using PavePro, we put it through a test comparing it to diesel fuel. We took two new shovels and treated one with diesel and the other with the new environmentally friendly product. We then shoveled asphalt and compared the results. I was impressed and decided to give it a try. Our crews were on the fence because they didn’t think anything could work as well as diesel. After they were forced to use PavePro, they found the new product worked as good as or even better than diesel fuel.
BillyBlythe Construction N.C.
We use PavePro on everything asphalt touches. Shovels, rakes, pavers and trucks. The asphalt just falls off our equipment and stays clean for hours on end. We also have an automatic spray down rack that our trucks drive under every time before they get loaded and get a fresh coat of PavePro. The stuff is amazing.
L. KrauseFargo, ND
I’ve used PavePro for the last 5 or 6 years. We are completely satisfied with the product and we would recommend it to anybody that is in the paving business!
TimTown of Southern Pines, NC
We have been using PavePro for about 5 years and the guys really like it! They use it as a asphalt cleaner to clean the tools and we have found it to be a good product to use on our equipment.
FredCity of Jacksonville, NC
I have been using PavePro for about 12 years and have had very good results. PavePro is a very satisfactory product and I hope you try it!
DavidTown of Carrboro, NC
I have been using PavePro for over 12 years. My guys love it! Its one of the best products on the market and nothing can beat it! If you want to use a product that’s really good, biodegradable and safe for the environment, its PavePro!
WilliamTown of Wrightsville Beach, NC
You don’t have to use much, just spray it on there and it keeps the asphalt from sticking. Out of everything I have used, it’s the best! I love it!
BettyBarnhill Contracting - Raleigh, NC
We have tried many different types of asphalt release agents but over the years we have found what works best for us is PavePro!
SamAPAC, Inc - Fayetteville, NC
My staff has been using PavePro for the past 10 years. Prior to that we where using diesel fuel and of course as you know that is not environmentally friendly. We switched to PavePro because we found that it actually works better than diesel fuel! We not only spray our paving equipment and our hand tools with it but we actually use it on the beds of our trucks before we send them to the asphalt plant. It will clean tar off just about anything and not allow it to stick. Our staff is extremely pleased with PavePro. They recommend it to everybody and they have recommended it to every contractor we have because they do find it to be the most efficient product!
LarryVillage of Clemmons, NC
I’ve used PavePro for the last 10 years and it has done an excellent job! It cleans the equipment very well and leaves a film on it. It does just as good a job as diesel and its environmentally safe! We would suggest anybody give it a try and see how it works for you. It does a great job and it just keeps working. I don’t think I could find anything better!
RoyTown of Cary, NC