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It works better than diesel fuel, soybean oil, and citrus solvents at removing asphalt from equipment, but it’s environmentally safe and legal to use. Many paving crews continue to use diesel fuel as an asphalt cleaner even though it’s illegal because they cannot find another product that works as effectively. They’ve tried the Citrus and Soy products but they don’t measure up to diesel fuel and the cost for these products is prohibitive. PavePro solves that problem. Not only does PavePro work quickly in removing asphalt, but it also leaves a slick oily film on the surface of tools and equipment to prevent asphalt and tar from sticking. Our customers call PavePro “Legal Diesel”.  In fact, PavePro works better than diesel.


Environmentally Safe Solvent
All natural and 100% biodegradable.

High flashpoint makes PavePro Green safe for workers and less expensive to ship.

EPA and RCRA Compliant
Meets all EPA and RCRA regulations as a non-hazardous waste.

Powerful Solvent
Proven more efficient and effective than diesel fuel or citrus for dissolving asphalt.

Slow Evaporation Rate
Stays on shovels, rakes, and truck beds longer so you may re-apply less often.

Once the asphalt is dissolved, it is easily rinsed away with water allowing easy cleanup.