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Stuck with Citrus?

PavePro is safer to use than Citrus products because the flash point is much higher. This high flash point also makes PavePro a non hazardous waste, unlike Citrus products which do not meet the RCRA flash point regulation. Laboratory testing of asphalt removal proves that PavePro asphalt/tar remover cleans asphalt and tar better than orange solvent competitors. The evaporation rate is much slower, so cleaning continues longer and there is less re-deposition on equipment.


Unlike Citrus, PavePro is...

Most Citrus products do not meet RCRA regulations.

Less Expensive
The leading citrus products cost about twice as much on average as PavePro.

The flashpoint for PavePro is much higher than most citrus products.

More Effective
PavePro stays on longer so it can be reapplied less.