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Better than Diesel!

A leading North Carolina paving contractor reported that it takes 5x as much diesel fuel to do the same job as PavePro. Do the Math. Diesel fuel equals about $4.00 per gallon. If it takes 5 gallons of diesel fuel to do the work of one gallon of PavePro, you would actually save money by switching to PavePro, a safer, more effective product.

Case Study One: One paving superintendent reported than when they were using diesel fuel they would have to spray the hopper of the paver about every sixth load in order to prevent build-up. They were doing sixty loads per day which means they had to spray the hopper down 10 times per day. When they switched to PavePro they would spray the hopper down only 2 times per day.

Case Study Two: Another superintendent reported his crews have to spray diesel fuel about every fourth shovel to prevent asphalt buildup. Now, with PavePro they only have to spray once and can get over 20 shovels without re-apply the product.

EPA fines are costly and cause time-loss.

Case Study: One company in Houston Texas accidentally knocked over a 5 gallon pail of diesel fuel and was fined $30,000 and shut down for three days wile the spill was cleaned up and hauled to a hazardous waste site.

If your crew is reapplying their asphalt solvent 5 times less often, they will work much more efficiently.

Better for the Environment!

Did you know that it only takes 1 gallon of diesel fuel to contaminate over 1 million gallons of drinking water? When diesel fuel is spilled on or near roadways, it is absorbed into the ground or carried to local streams by rain water. It eventually makes it’s way into the water table, contaminating your drinking water.

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