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Easy to Use


 No Mixing Required
Ready-to-use formula saves you valuable time.

 Spray your paver or dip your tools
Easily applied to your equipment and tools without generating any hazardous waste.

Now available in aerosol
The benefits of PavePro in a versatile aerosol can. Conveniently use on clothes, carpet, shoes and trucks.

 Easily remove buildup
Buildup disappears as you run your shovel through hot mix.

 Bonds to Metal Surfaces
Stays on shovels, rakes, and equipment longer so you may re-apply less often.

Once the asphalt is dissolved, it is easily rinsed away with water allowing for simple cleanup.


Get better results!

Spray PavePro on your equipment and watch it start working! When cleaning heavy buildup on machinery, let sit for 12 hours, then treat using a pressure washer to remove the asphalt and tar. This method is the most effective because the longer PavePro is in contact with the surface, the more easily the asphalt is removed.

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