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Stuck with Citrus?

PavePro is safer to use than Citrus products because the flash point is much higher. This high flash point also makes PavePro a non hazardous waste, unlike Citrus products, which do not meet the RCRA flash point regulation. Laboratory testing of asphalt removal proves that PavePro asphalt/tar remover cleans asphalt and tar better than orange solvent competitors in three ways:

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Works better than diesel!

Most paving crews know that the use of diesel to clean paving equipment is not EPA compliant but, many may not know why. When diesel or other petroleum based fuels are spilled on or near roadways, it is carried into the ground or local streams by rainwater and eventually makes its way into the water table. Once diesel fuel is in the water table, just one gallon can contaminate up to a million gallons of drinking water. The benefits of not using diesel fuel not only include avoiding expensive fines or being environmentally friendly, but also to protect the drinking water you and your family enjoy everyday. PavePro not only environmentally friendly and non-hazardous, but it stays on longer allowing for fewer applications, saving you time and money.

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Compare the results!

//Cleaning Power

In multiple state DOT certified tests, as well as, “real world” simulation test, PavePro Green has consistently outperformed diesel fuel and leading citrus solvents in its ability to penetrate and clean hardened asphalt.

//Release Power

After applying PavePro Green, diesel fuel and a leading citrus solvent to a clean shovel and allowing excess product to drip off, we counted how many shovels of asphalt could be completed before noticeable build-up occurred.