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EPA Compliance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now starting to enforce environmental laws much more aggressively. Using diesel fuel on truck beds and at the lay down site is a thing of the past. Paving contractors, state, city, and county highway departments are now forced to look for alternative methods. You can avoid EPA fines by using PavePro, which meets all environmental regulations as a non-hazardous waste. It contains no petroleum or other hazardous ingredients and has a high flash point. Here’s what you should know about the Environmental Regulations:

  • The use of diesel fuel for asphalt removal and as a release agent is no longer Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant.
  • Discharge of petroleum or fractions thereof is prohibited by the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (CWA).
  • State Departments of Transportation (DOT) are forbidding contractors from using diesel fuel on State jobs.
  • Unlike most orange solvents, PavePro’s flash point is above 140°F and therefore is not considered a hazardous waste according to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).