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What makes PavePro different than citrus cleaners I have used in the past?

Two things: PavePro is a patented formula that has a flash point above 140°F. Citrus products have a flash point well below classifying them as RCRA hazardous waste. Second, PavePro leaves a non-stick, biodegradable coating on tools and equipment to prevent asphalt from re-depositing. Citrus products evaporate very quickly due to their low flash point allowing re-depositing. As a result, more citrus product is required to achieve the same results as PavePro.

How does PavePro help the environment?

PavePro replaces hazardous and environmentally harmful products like citrus solvents and diesel fuel. PavePro biodegrades very quickly once in the soil. Naturally occurring bacteria feed on PavePro and quickly break it down. In fact, studies have been done at North Carolina State University that show the ingredients in PavePro actually aid in the break down of petroleum. Therefore, the asphalt and tar that is cleaned with PavePro will also start to biodegrade in the soil. What does not biodegrade will return to a solid state, so it cannot seep down into the water table and pollute the waters.

Does anyone else sell PavePro?

PavePro is available only through Chemtek, Inc. and it’s sales representatives and distributors. Call us for the rep or distributor in your area.

What size containers does PavePro come in?

PavePro is currently available in 275 gl. totes, 55 gl. drums, and 5 gl. pails.

New! PavePro is now available in a 16oz aerosol can for use on clothing and other specific needs.

What is the difference between PavePro Orange, PavePro Gold, and PavePro Green?

Odor Benefit Flashpoint
PavePro Orange Citrus Fast Acting 151°
PavePro Gold Pleasant Effective in all temperatures 151°
PavePro Green None Cost Effective >200°


Contact a sales representative for more information on the benefits of each PavePro product.

PavePro is such a strong cleaner. Will it hurt clothing or shoes?

PavePro was formulated to dissolve asphalt and similar types of material but it will not harm clothing or shoes. In fact, most customers use PavePro to spot clean asphalt from their clothes and shoes.

Does PavePro hurt the paint on our vehicles?

PavePro of course has to be a strong solvent in order to dissolve asphalt.  Common sense should be used in cleaning painted vehicles.  Since PavePro deactivates with water, painted surfaces should be rinsed immediately after cleaning to prevent any ill effect on painted surfaces.

What kind of seals and gaskets should be used to prevent deterioration?

We recommend that seals and gaskets on sprayers and pumps used for PavePro be made of Viton material.

Should PavePro be mixed or used straight?

PavePro was formulated to be used just like diesel fuel. Therefore, no mixing is required. In fact, we made PavePro so that it will break down with water. If you accidentally spill PavePro on an asphalt surface that you want to keep, just rinse the area with water and the asphalt will remain intact.