The Better Than Diesel Paving Solution.

PavePro is the ultimate asphalt solvent with an impossibly slick and long-lasting release power.

Formulated For Performance.

After all, you didn’t come here to settle for anything less.


ranked asphalt solvent

as tested by Indiana DOT and Purdue University.


decrease in maintenance

on shuttlebuggy chains and paver conveyors.



making it the safest solution on the market.


truckloads of asphalt

from the plant in just one application.

Patented to perfection.

PavePro is a unique asphalt solvent and asphalt release agent formulated specifically for the paving industry. Our patented solution seeks out and targets bitumen, making asphalt cleaning and preventing build up easier than ever before.

Science-Backed Success

Top asphalt companies demand the best solutions for their work, and PavePro delivers. Our premium asphalt solutions are designed specifically to ensure superior cleaning results and releasing power that help set your work apart.

Powerful Asphalt Remover

PavePro is the strongest asphalt remover on the market that cleans better and is more effective than diesel and citrus.

Long-Lasting Release Power

With a 400°F flash point, PavePro leaves a slick oily film that prevents future build up from occurring longer than any other product.

Enhanced Lubricity

PavePro increases lubricity in moving parts to decrease downtime and maintenance and increase efficiency on the job.

Environmentally Safe

PavePro is an all-natural and 100% biodegradable asphalt solvent and release agent that is both EPA and RCRA compliant.

Water Deactivated

With a quick rinse of water, PavePro’s solvency is 100% deactivated and therefore safe on paint and aluminum.


With PavePro, you can clean more with less product, which means more money stays in your pocket as compared to using diesel fuel.

See It In Action

We can tell you about how good PavePro is all day long, but until you see it for yourself, you might never believe us!

The Perfect Solution For Your Needs

We’ve got exactly what you need: asphalt removers, asphalt release agents, and 2-in-1 solutions.

The 2-in-1 Solution


Asphalt Solvent & Release Agent

400°F+ Flash Point

Clean & Prevent Build Up

Great For Truck Beds Too

Heavy-Duty Cleaner


Powerful Asphalt Remover

200°F+ Flash Point

Ideal For Thick Build Up & Tack

Removes Asphalt Sealcoat

Long-Lasting Release Agent


DOT-Approved Release Agent

Ready-To-Go & Concentrate

Truck Bed & Roller Release

State QPL Approved

Experience The Power Of PavePro For Yourself