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The #1 Asphalt Remover For Road Construction Professionals Around The World

Why Choose Us?

The World’s Most Effective Asphalt Release Agent & Asphalt Solvent

PavePro is a powerful asphalt solvent designed to remove and clean the toughest asphalt buildups. It also boasts an impressive release power that leaves a slick oily film on tools and equipment. This film prevents asphalt from re-adhering to surfaces. In short, PavePro is necessary on any asphalt job because it is a tough asphalt solvent with an impressive release agent power.

Powerful Asphalt Solvent

Above all else, PavePro is a strong solvent that is more efficient and effective than diesel fuel or citrus cleaners.

Long-Lasting Release Agent

With a slow evaporation rate and a slick oily film left behind after application, PavePro stays on shovels, rakes, truck beds, and other paving equipment longer, requiring less re-application and saving you time.

Environmentally Safe

PavePro is an all natural and 100% biodegradable asphalt solvent and cleaner that is both EPA and RCRA compliant.

Water Emulsifiable

The solvent and cleaning power of PavePro is easily deactivated with water. No more worrying about spills on freshly-laid asphalt.


With a high flashpoint, our asphalt solvent is incredibly safe for workers. PavePro is also non-hazmat and, therefore, less expensive to ship.

Convenient Packaging

Our PavePro Asphalt Solvent comes in many package options–aerosol cans, pails, drums, totes, super totes, and our brand new, environmentally-friendly disposable EarthWise totes.

Perfect for all applications!

PavePro can be used as an asphalt solvent, remover, and cleaner on all paving tools and equipment. It tackles the toughest asphalt buildups and leaves your tools sparkling clean. Not to mention, it is a top-notch release agent that helps prevent asphalt from sticking to metal surfaces. PavePro is the perfect for use on pavers, dump trucks, tack trucks, patch trucks, shovels, lutes, and other paving tools. In addition to that, it is safe enough to use on your boots and clothes as well!



Works Better Than Diesel Fuel And Is Safer Than Citrus Cleaners

We Have The Perfect Product For You!

Experience the next level of efficiency with our entire line of biodegradable asphalt release agents and solvents. PavePro is effective, easy to use, and extremely safe–and we have what you need. 

Asphalt melts off of a dump truck after being soaked with PavePro.
PavePro is applied to a tack truck with a sprayer.

Your #1 Choice For Asphalt Solvents and Releases

There is no other biodegradable asphalt solvent and asphalt release agent as powerful as PavePro. It’s effective. It’s easy to use. It’s safe. It’s guaranteed. What else could you ask for? Our competitors can’t compare to the long-lasting release power that PavePro boasts, nor its low flashpoint and 5-day biodegradability.

Powerful, Long-Lasting Solvent

200°F+ Flashpoint

100% Biodegradable

Raving Reviews From Our Happy Customers

It’s easy to love PavePro when it outperforms its competition. 

Our customers love it, so we know you will too! Feel free to read testimonials and hear from our real customers on their takes about PavePro so that you can make the right choice when selecting an asphalt solvent like PavePro.

“I took over the role of Equipment Manger for the Streets Department in 2012. Our asphalt crews have tried many other products and this is the ONLY product they like and use. Keep up the awesome work so we can too!”

Jimmie, FL, Customer Since 2012

“The Street Division refuses to use any other asphalt release agent or asphalt solvent–they absolutely LOVE PavePro. They literally will not use anything else.”

Darren, NC, Customer Since 2019

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