Why PavePro?

The toughest asphalt cleaner with release agent qualities!

PavePro is a powerful asphalt cleaner designed to remove the toughest asphalt buildup. It also boast impressive release power and leaves a slick oily film on tools and equipment. This film prevents asphalt from re-adhering to surfaces.  In short, PavePro is necessary on any asphalt job because it is a tough asphalt cleaner with release agent qualities


Above all, PavePro is a strong solvent that is more efficient and effective than diesel fuel or citrus.


All natural and 100% biodegradable

EPA and RCRA compliant


High flashpoint makes PavePro safe for workers

Product is Non- Hazmat & less expensive to ship


Slow evaporation rate allows PavePro to Stay on shovels, rakes, and truck beds longer requiring less re-application


The solvent or cleaning power of PavePro is deactivated with water. No more worrying about spills on freshly laid asphalt!


Available in many package sizes – aerosol cans, pails, drums, totes, super totes. (Disposable Earthwise Totes are available now!)


Applications – The Perfect Asphalt Cleaner or Release for all Paving & Patching Jobs! 

PavePro can be used as an asphalt remover or asphalt cleaner on all paving tools and equipment. It tackles the toughest asphalt buildup to leave your tools sparkling clean and is a top-notch release agent preventing asphalt from adhering to metal surfaces.

PavePro is perfect for use on pavers, dump trucks, tack trucks, patch trucks, shovels, lutes, and other paving tools. In addition, it is safe enough to use on your boots and clothes as well!

PavePro – an asphalt cleaner that… 

Works Better than Diesel Fuel and is Safer than Citrus Cleaners


I took over the role of Equipment Manager for the Streets Department 6 years ago. Our asphalt crews have tried many products and this is the ONLY product they like and use. Keep up the awesome work so we can too!

-Jimmie, FL

The street division uses PavePro and loves it. They won’t use anything else!

-Darren, NC

PavePro has worked for us! We had a drag head shaft break at our asphalt plant while filing silos. Needless to say everyone thought it was going to be a bear to clean our because parts were a day or more out. Well, let me tell you what – I ran ½ drum of PavePro down the drag and when we finally go it back running and turned on the drag it was like was regular day making mix. We didn’t have to shovel it or reverse the drag. This stuff is what dreams are made of in my book!!! Shout out to your sales rep for keeping on me to try PavePro – PavePro is what dreams are made of in my book!!!

-Joe, TX

PavePro Asphalt Cleaner is manufactured exclusively by
Chemtek, Inc. Visit our website to learn about our other brands!