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World of Asphalt 2019 – Indianapolis

World of Asphalt 2019 – Indianapolis

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Silica Spotlight

NeSilex was first introduced to the market one year ago at the World of Asphalt Show and Conference in Houston, Texas. A year later, there is a notable shift in the urgency among attendees who are taking a much more proactive approach to dust control. Chemtek exhibited both PavePro and NeSilex at the 2019 World of Asphalt in Indianapolis just last week, and silica safety was an issue in the forefront of the conference. The OSHA regulations have been in full effect for over a year and are clearly being enforced. In the first 6 months of the new regulations OSHA issued 118 fines related to silica and dust control. This has contributed to the sense of urgency many companies are feeling to get a handle on the silica situation on their job sites. As the industry becomes more educated on the seriousness of silica dust, NeSilex has stood out as the simplest, most effective solution for dust control.

Continuing to educate the industry on the hazards of silica dust is vital. Chemtek CEO David Rigsbee took the opportunity to do just that at one of the Rock’n’Road talks on the show floor. Check out the link to the video below to view the entire presentation.




Still Stuck on Diesel…

In the asphalt paving industry, diesel fuel was the industry standard for many years as the asphalt cleaner of choice. Although it has now been outlawed by the EPA for many years now, every year at the World of Asphalt we meet way too many paving crews still stuck on diesel. However, we always enjoy showing the attendees how much easier (and safer) their job could be by switching to PavePro. Designed to replace the use of diesel fuel, PavePro is truly a “secret sauce” when it comes to cleaning asphalt off tools and equipment. Of course, in addition to converting paving crews to PavePro, we always enjoy seeing our current customers at the show!

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Public Works Expo 2018 – Kansas City Recap & New Product Showcase

Public Works Expo 2018 – Kansas City Recap & New Product Showcase

This year’s Public Works Expo was held in Kansas City, MO, the national headquarters of the American Public Works Association. The show was a unique opportunity for Chemtek to introduce our newest product, NeSilex, to public works professionals in an immediate and engaging way. Chemtek has a unique business approach in that we develop new solutions for specific problems in both the road construction and runway maintenance industries. The ability to speak with and learn from hundreds of professionals, from construction workers to safety managers to engineers, is an invaluable opportunity to stay on top of the issues and trends affecting our current and potential customers. We enjoyed networking with cities, counties, and businesses from around the country. Chemtek exhibited both PavePro, which has been a flagship and continually growing product, as well as the new NeSilex.

Every year at the PWX there is a new product showcase to display the newest technologies being exhibited. This year NeSilex was featured as a new product.  Chemtek CEO David Rigsbee gave a thorough presentation to attendees and fellow exhibitors. The presentation began with visualizing the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of silica dust on a construction site according to OSHA’s most current regulations. If you imagine standing on a 13 ft ladder in the middle of a football field and releasing one packet of Sweet’ N Low into the wind, that amount of material spread over that space (160 ft wide x 360 ft long x 13 ft high) would result in overexposure of silica dust to everyone in the area. This is why it is essential to implement silica dust safety controls on your construction site immediately. David continued the presentation with education on how silica enters the lungs and why it is so harmful. He also broke down the OSHA regulations, potential fines for non-compliance, and finally how NeSilex can solve the silica dust problem creating a safe work space and OSHA compliance.

See the video below to see part of the new product presentation from PWX. Visit nosilicadust.com or call 888-998-1557 to learn how NeSilex can help control dust on your construction site.

Other new products featured included the DANNAR 400 Mobile Power Station, UTX Scissor Lift, and the Thump Pad. For a look back at last year’s innovative products, read Innovative Products from PWX 2017.


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Chemtek’s Randal Schow Earns College Degree After Battling Cancer

Chemtek’s Randal Schow Earns College Degree After Battling Cancer

March 21, 2018

As March comes to a close and Spring begins, it’s a good time to take a look at your progress toward your 2018 goals.  If you need a little inspiration, look no further for than Chemtek’s own Randal Schow, an employee of eight years. Randal has generously shared his story of overcoming the toughest battle of his life – melanoma. His story gives us new perspective on setting goals and sticking with them through life’s most challenging obstacles.

Randal is a member of Chemtek’s Airfield Maintenance Services team. One October evening in 2012 while chatting with other members of his team, he decided to pursue his goal of earning a Bachelor’s degree in project management. Shortly after, he enrolled in online classes at Colorado Technical University (CTU) while continuing to work for Chemtek. One year later in October 2012, Randal was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma. He received treatment while continuing to chip away at his degree. However, his physical condition took a turn for the worse in the spring of 2014. His stage 2 cancer which had been in remission returned as stage 4 melanoma that had metastasized to his abdominal cavity and back. He underwent multiple surgeries at Duke Hospital, including having two rods and eight screws put into his back where the cancer had been attacking his vertebrae. He began a newly discovered cancer treatment which was a form of gene therapy. This treatment allowed his immune system to attack the cancer like a virus – and it worked. While Randal still has regular appointments to monitor the little bit of cancer that remains, he is doing well and as of October 2017, is a proud college graduate!

David Rigsbee, speaking about Randal’s incredible journey, says “All of that is what makes Randal being able to finish school in the time frame that he did even more special, because it’s hard enough to work a job and focus and go to school part time. But to do that plus battling cancer makes it an even greater accomplishment.”

Standing firm in his goals was essential to Randal’s success. To other adults considering returning to school, he says that the struggle is worth it. It may not seem like it in the moment with many challenges to overcome, but down the road the commitment pays off. He takes pride in the improvement of the quality of his work and looks forward to future professional growth.

These past few years have been life-changing for both Randal and his wife, Cheryl. She was by his side the entire journey and helped give him the support and push he needed to persevere. Reflecting on that time she says, “It’s been a struggle, a good struggle because he’s fought hard. He could have laid down and said the cancer’s going to win, but he didn’t. He stood up and fought, and we all fought with him.”

That family support was critical during a trying time. “It changed my perspective on a lot of things,” Randal said, “and not just life in general: how you treat people, the mistakes you made in the past you reflect on differently – and most importantly the fact that the people closest to you are the most important people to be around.”

We can all take time to remember how important our family and friends are, especially as think about our own lives and dreams for the future. Randal’s story is an inspiration to many, demonstrating the true value of hard work in the face of adversity.

Tricks of the Trade Show: World of Asphalt Edition

Tricks of the Trade Show: World of Asphalt Edition

March 13, 2018

Seven of our Chemtek team members recently returned from the World of Asphalt Show and Conference in Houston that took place March 6-9th. Chemtek had two different booths – one for PavePro and the other for NeSilex. PavePro is our long established biodegradable asphalt solvent and NeSilex is our newly released silica dust suppressant.  Trade shows provide ample opportunities for networking, education, brand promotion and of course – selling. Our team had a mix of trade show experience levels, from a first-timer to seasoned veterans with 30+ years under their belts. We caught up with some of them Q&A style to learn about their takeaways and tricks for a successful trade show.


Q: How many years have you been going to trade shows?

Carmen: This was my first show!

 Natalie: 1 year

 Suzannah: 2 years

 Cameron: 3 years

 Kendall: 6 years

 David E: 30 years


Q: What is a key tip for being successful at a trade show?

Carmen: For me, being successful at a trade show is making those in-person connections that are difficult to do over the phone. I think that just being able to get the input, feedback, and questions from people on the trade show floor helped me see what works best when selling. In addition to selling, making those important connections and educating the attendees also very important.

Natalie: Be sure to do your prep work and have a plan for each day of the show. Be flexible to adapt to the surprises that are sure to come and be creative! Also, take advantage of all the media connections and opportunities to promote your company. Photo ops are everywhere!

Suzannah: Smile, relax and have fun!

Cameron: Talking to everyone is important. No matter who stops by the booth try to engage them in conversation. Even if they aren’t a fit for your product you can always learn something interesting.

Kendall: Staying hydrated and snacking!  There is no time for recovery during the show, so if you are going to be standing on your feet and talking to customers all day you need to take care of yourself. Also, it is essential to carefully plan your booth set-up and shipping. The last thing you want is to start the show with an empty booth!

David: Booth location is very important.  So is having something interesting in the booth to catch the eye of the customers. The most important thing to having a successful trade show is to have the reps engage the attendees even if they are just casually walking by.


Q: What is your favorite thing about a trade show?

Carmen: Since this was my first trade show, my favorite part was being able to learn about the industry and the equipment that makes it all possible. Prior to the show, I watched a ton of YouTube videos that explained all the different types of equipment but being able to see it all in person and to be able to get explanations from the experts made a world of difference in understanding more about the industry and how our products come into play.  

Natalie: I love learning about the industry and meeting new people. I also enjoy bonding with my coworkers, traveling to new places and having fun both during and after the show!

Suzannah: Getting the opportunity to meet customers face to face, meeting new people/potential customers and being able to see the new technologies for the industry

Cameron: My favorite thing about the trade show is getting the chance to meet customers. A lot of our relationships start over the phone, so it’s great having a place where we can meet face to face.

Kendall: Getting out of the office and having the opportunity to interact with the customers. It’s always fun to have our long-time customers stop by our booth to say hi.

David: Seeing the positive response from prospects when we show them how our products work.


Q: What do you find to be unique about the World of Asphalt conference?

Carmen: To me, one unique aspect of the WOA show was the Pink Patcher from Leeboy. They were collecting donations as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and I think some proceeds of their sales were part of the fundraiser too. I just thought that was a cool fundraiser that Leeboy brought to WOA!

Natalie: There is such a large scope of industry professionals and opportunities everywhere you turn.

Suzannah: It’s so big and there’s such a wide variety of companies there.

Cameron: The WOA is unique because you get to meet people from everywhere – not just from the US but from around the world! Being able to meet and talk to people from so many different areas is a great way to learn new things about the industry.

Kendall: WOA is so much larger than most of the other shows and you get potential customers from all over!  You also get to see more of the big equipment and new technologies than you do at smaller shows.

David: The WOA brings together the exact customer base we are trying to reach in one place.


This year’s World of Asphalt conference also featured plenty of opportunities for education in the industry. There were many opportunities to learn and be at the forefront of the constantly evolving asphalt industry. A unique aspect of the 2018 WOA was the Women of Asphalt council that was active throughout the show. The council hosted a forum featuring a discussion on the WOA council and a roundtable with ladies in the industry, plus a presentation from Dr. Audrey Copeland, NAPA VP for Engineering, Research and Technology. The discussion examined the status of women in the asphalt and construction industries, recruiting methods and common difficulties women face in the industry.

Overall the 2018 World of Asphalt Conference was a success! We are already looking forward to next year’s show in Indianapolis!

Innovative Products from PWX 2017

Innovative Products from PWX 2017

September 12, 2017

Our PavePro team traveled down to sunny Orlando, Florida at the end of August to attend the 2017 National Public Works Exposition. Hundreds of cities, counties and businesses gathered in the convention center to show off their products, network with others in the industry and generate new business. Educational seminars were offered for continuing professional development, and there was even a blood drive to benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Overall, PWX 2017 proved to be a great success! We always value taking time to explore the expo floor learning about new products and industry trends as well as meeting other professionals in the public works sector.

Here are a few products that we found particularly innovative and noteworthy!

Multi-Shade by Sun Mullet

Sun Mullet provides a multi-use sun shade accessory that converts any head wear into a sun hat. The product is unique in its convenience, coverage and comfort. Outdoor workers in construction, paving, contracting and more know the importance of protecting their face and neck from the sun. The Sun Mullets can be worn in eight different ways and come in a variety of colors. They are both professional and practical, as workers will look more uniformed with matching sun mullets. They can also be customized with a company logo. The simplicity and practicality of the sun mullet is unmatched!



AQUA PATCH is a US patented, high performance, water-activated asphalt/ concrete patching material. It delivers the quickest setting time and the longest-lasting solution. AQUA PATCH contains no petroleum or no cutbacks, but uses plant based oil for binder. AQUA PATCH saves time and money eliminating repeated repairs. Unlike conventional cold mix asphalt, AQUA PATCH lasts for years and has a three year cure guarantee. The weather conditions are never a problem as AQUA PATCH is all-weather and can be applied in adverse conditions and in standing water. AQUA PATCH is “Hot mix in a bag!”


Atlantic Paving
The asphalt, paving and construction industry is not too often associated with creativity and color. However, Atlantic Paving brings beauty to the streets with its “decorative technology for the road ahead.” Atlantic Paving has a variety of colored asphalt products and systems to beautify city streets for both practical and aesthetic appeal. The advanced technology offers many unique features depending on the project, such as solar reflective colors options, non-slip, washable many more. Whether brick accents, biker lanes or a local artist’s design on pavement, Atlantic Paving delivers in a durable and eco-friendly way.


HoleHat was the winner of the PWX 2017 Best New Product award. It is a simply yet highly effective product design aimed at improving safety around paving and construction sites. It eliminates the fall hazard surrounding manholes by being a visual deterrent as well as fall protection. HoleHat has capitalized on the need for increased safety protocols and being a functional and cost-effective solution to the dangers of falls. The HoleHat will not only protect workers but ensure that the business is OSHA compliant.


Of course, our own product PavePro is setting the industry standard for cleaning asphalt off tools and equipment! PavePro is a biodegradable asphalt solvent that is effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use. It works better than diesel fuel and stays on equipment longer than competing citrus products to prevent asphalt build up. PavePro meets or exceeds all EPA and RCRA regulations!