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At Chemtek, Inc., we are on an unending quest to improve customer experience and offer the best product solutions. As a part of that mission, we are now offering PavePro in 15 Gallon drums. This container is the perfect size to keep PavePro stocked and easily accessible on the job and in the shop.

Designed to replace a 5 gallon pail, the 15 gallon drum is easier to dispense and offers three times the quantity while still offering the convenience of a compact, easy-to-transport container.

Unique Benefits:

  • Store on a Service Truck for easy access – Durable construction, convenient handles, and pump or pour dispensing make the 15 gallon drum a perfect solution for in-the-field use.
  • Save Money and Consolidate Purchasing – replace the purchase of 3 – 5 gallon pails with one 15 gallon drum! Save on freight!

Call your sales rep today to learn more or place an order!

Top of drum with convenient handle for carrying