In the world of asphalt equipment maintenance and cleaning, choosing the right release agent can be an absolute game-changer. PavePro, often hailed as the “legal diesel,” stands out as a superior alternative as an asphalt release agent to traditional methods like diesel fuel. In this quick article, we will highlight five key ways PavePro dominates diesel fuel as a release agent.

When it comes to enduring the heat of hot mix asphalt, PavePro sets a new standard. Boasting a flash point of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest on the market, PavePro outlasts diesel fuel by a substantial margin adhering to tools and equipment longer than diesel fuel can. 

1 application of diesel fuel: no more than 25 shovel loads of asphalt; up to 1 truckload of asphalt, but often less

1 application of PavePro: between 50-80 shovel loads of asphalt; 3-4x as many truckloads of asphalt

This remarkable endurance translates into fewer interruptions, less reapplication, and a substantial reduction in the amount of product needed, presenting a cost-effective and efficient solution for paving crews.

Protecting Your Asphalt’s Integrity: No More Stripping

PavePro’s prowess lies in its ability to prevent build-up without compromising the integrity of the asphalt being laid. Unlike diesel fuel, which is known to strip the asphalt, weakening it over time, PavePro acts as a shield, protecting your equipment from build-up without harming the strength of the asphalt mix.

By using PavePro, paving crews ensure that the asphalt laid today remains resilient and durable for years to come. This not only speaks to the immediate efficiency of the product but also to its long-term impact on the quality of the final product that you deliver.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Safety First: There’s Nothing Better On The Market

Safety stands as a cornerstone in the asphalt industry, and PavePro is engineered with this principle in mind. With a flash point over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, PavePro is non-combustible and non-flammable, creating a safe working environment for workers. Unlike diesel and citrus products, PavePro is non-toxic and non-hazardous. It’s so safe you can clean your hands with it.

Additionally, the water deactivation feature ensures swift and safe cleanup, mitigating potential hazards that diesel spills might pose. No more worrying about having to mill up your mat and repave it when you spill. Just spray it down with water and move on.

Legal Compliance: Navigating Federal & DOT Regulations

PavePro is not just a preferred choice; it’s a legally compliant one. PavePro is a DOT-approved asphalt release agent and, therefore, adheres to stringent regulations, ensuring its legality on job sites nationwide. Multiple federal bans on diesel fuel as a release agent is not just a whim; it’s rooted in DOT regulations that recognize the harmful impact of diesel on asphalt integrity. Choosing PavePro isn’t just a choice for efficiency; it’s a choice for legal and regulatory adherence.

Tailored Solutions with PavePro Products: Formulated To Prevent Build-Up

Unlike diesel or citrus solvents that just so happen to work, PavePro is specifically designed for cleaning and preventing asphalt build-up. With specialized formulations like PavePro Green, Blue, and Gold, each serves a specific purpose with a specialized formulation.

PavePro Green: Our flagship product; the “2-in-1, better than diesel” asphalt release agent AND asphalt remover; is used as a direct replacement for diesel fuel

PavePro Blue: The DOT-approved solution for preventing asphalt pickup in rollers and carryback in truck beds.

PavePro Gold: Offers heavy-duty cleaning for the things that NOTHING else would clean; tack trucks, asphalt emulsion, inches of build-up, and more.

Our solutions don’t end there. PavePro is your one-stop shop for all things asphalt cleaning and build-up prevention. We have a variety of solutions for asphalt plants as well: clean, protect, and extend the life of your drag slats or get set up with our spray systems today.

In the competitive landscape of asphalt release agents, PavePro emerges as an undeniable leader. From unmatched endurance to legal compliance and a commitment to preserving asphalt integrity, PavePro stands as a testament to innovation in asphalt cleaning and build-up prevention.

PavePro isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic decision for those who seek excellence in every layer of asphalt paving. Incorporate PavePro’s asphalt release agent into your operations and elevate yourself to new heights.


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