Asphalt Release Agent

BADASS ARA is an easy-to-use, premium, and high-performance asphalt release agent specifically formulated for high-polymer, high-oil, stone matrix and conventional mix designs.


Specifically Formulated

BADASS ARA is an economical and highly concentrated asphalt release agent, resulting in industry-leading effectiveness at high dilution levels on the stickiest of HMA and WMA mix designs.

An easy-to-use, high-performance asphalt release agent.

Designed for high-polymer, high-oil, stone matrix and conventional mix designs.

Works effectively and economically on the stickiest of HMA and WMA mix designs.

Ideal for asphalt plant spray systems to prevent asphalt buildup.

Outperforms other market-leading asphalt release agents.

In a performance test conducted by NTPEP, BADASS achieved the maximum amount of pulls allotted by NTPEP testers on polymer-modified binder. BADASS repeatedly prevented the polymer-modified binders from sticking to a metal surface on 3 separate tests for multiple applications, outperforming all of its competition. All of this data is publically available at

Dump truck dumps asphalt prepped with BADASS ARA into an asphalt paving machine.


The Best On The Market

Truck fills up with asphalt at an asphalt plant after being prepped with BADASS ARA
Advanced Formula

Economical and highly-concentrated formula prevents all asphalt adhesion.

Extreme Versatillity

Works extraordinarily well on all HMA mixes, including high-polymer, rubber and SMA.

Uniquely Adaptable

BADASS is effective at various dilution ratios to fit your asphalt plant’s specific needs.

Highest-Rated Safety

BADASS is 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and a triple “0” NFPA.

DOT-Approved and Tested

BADASS is both state DOT-approved and NTPEP-tested listed as BA-30.

Best-In-Class ARA

BADASS recieved the highest score in the lab-controlled Asphalt Release Agent Performance Test reaching the maximum amount of test attempts with 0% asphalt binder left behind.

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