Keeping your equipment and tools clean is a must in the asphalt paving industry. You can’t go a day without a trustworthy, affordable, and high-quality asphalt release agent or asphalt solvent. Neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning will lead to a decrease in performance and hinder the success of your job.

Not to mention, it’s important to keep your expensive equipment clean and looking good and your work truck free of overspray and splatter.

But there are so many asphalt cleaners on the market, it can be hard to choose what’s best for you. In this guide, we will give you our top recommendations for asphalt solvents and removers to help keep your crews working hard and your jobs looking good.

Pro: 98% natural ingredients
Con: Average cleaning power

Soy-based asphalt solvents are derived from soybean oil and other renewable resources.
Though soy-based asphalt solvents are 98% natural, they take more than 28 days to begin to biodegrade. They do have great safety ratings as they have a high flash point. Many soy-based asphalt cleaners are Green Verified from the EPA but lack in popularity among asphalt contractors due to its average cleaning power.

#4 – Petroleum-based Asphalt Solvents

Pro: Works okay
Con: Unsafe and bad for the environment

Petroleum-based asphalt solvents are very similar to diesel fuel, but oftentimes lack the same performance, yet are just as unsafe. Many of these products are not specifically created for the asphalt industry.

#3 – Citrus-based Asphalt Solvents

Pro: Water dilutable for light tar removal
Con: Very expensive and dangerous

Citrus-based asphalt solvents are made from orange peels and work well as an asphalt solvent, but have many downsides.
Citrus products are incredibly dangerous and are even considered as RCRA hazardous waste by the EPA. They also evaporate off of hot equipment and on hot mix asphalt very quickly, giving the solvent less time to work.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

#2 – Diesel Fuel

Pro: Works well
Con: Illegal and smells bad

Diesel fuel is the OG solvent and release agent.
Diesel fuel works very well. That’s why everyone uses it. But despite its cleaning power, diesel is dangerous and illegal. Using diesel fuel in the US is finable by the EPA. Not only can they fine you, but many government contracts can’t be bid on with diesel fuel as the asphalt remover or asphalt release.

#1 – PavePro

Pro: Longest-lasting formula with little to no evaporation
Con: More expensive than diesel

Diesel fuel is hard to beat. That’s why the team at PavePro patented a product that does just that.
They call us legal diesel for a reason. PavePro is a 100% biodegradable asphalt solvent AND release agent that works just like diesel fuel, but cleans better and lasts longer. PavePro leaves a slick oily film behind that prevents future build-up and is easily deactivated with water. It is non-flammable and non-hazardous. Not to mention it smells good, isn’t illegal and actually works! If you don’t believe something can beat PavePro, give it a shot. We promise we’ll impress you.
PavePro Asphalt Solvent is applied to the back of a distributor truck.


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