PavePro Blue

The High-Performance Water-Dilutable Asphalt Release Agent

PavePro Blue is an all-star asphalt release agent designed to prevent carryback in truck beds and pickup on asphalt rollers:

Formulated to Bond to Metal & Rubber

Prevents Asphalt From Sticking

Can Be Applied Directly To A Truck Bed or Into a Track or Roller Spray-Down System

100% Active + Biodegradable Formula

DOT-Approved (as 357 or BA-30)

Advanced ARA creates a non-stick coating on rubber tire rollers, tires, tracks on paving equipment and dump truck beds.

Available In:

330-Gallon TotesBest Value!

275-Gallon Totes

55-Gallon Drums

5-Gallon PailsBest Trial Size!

Case of Quarts (12)

Case of Aerosols (12)

a 330-gallon tote of PavePro Blue asphalt release agent

330-Gallon Super Totes

a 275-gallon tote of PavePro's asphalt release agent and asphalt remover

275-Gallon Totes

a 55-gallon drum of PavePro's asphalt release agent and asphalt remover

55-Gallon Drums

a 5-gallon pail of PavePro Green asphalt release agent

5-Gallon Pails

READ BEFORE ORDERING: PavePro Blue is NOT an asphalt solvent or remover. It is a DOT-approved asphalt release agent to prevent build-up only. If you do not require a DOT-approved product, we recommend you use PavePro Green instead. Please consult with a PavePro sales representative before use: (888) 389-3189.

More Information:

Simplify your paving process with PavePro Blue – the longest-lasting water-based release agent that prevents asphalt buildup in key problem areas throughout the paving process. Our advanced formula creates a non-stick coating on rubber tire rollers, tires and tracks on paving equipment, and dump truck beds.

PavePro Blue’s 100% active and biodegradable formula makes it easy and safe to use without compromising long-lasting power. Say goodbye to costly downtime, equipment damage, and fines – and say hello to a smarter, more efficient way to pave. Try PavePro Blue today and experience the difference for yourself.

  • Will NOT Degrade Asphalt – Contains no solvents. Will not strip, weaken, or degrade the asphalt mix in any way.
  • High Dilution Ratio – 100% active formula is highly-effective at various dilution rates. Please contact our team to discuss specific use case dilution ratios.
  • Innovative Clinging Technology – PavePro Blue bonds to metal and rubber exhibiting major anti-wear and anti-adhesion properties to prevent build up, truck carry back, and roller pick up.
  • Environmentally-Safe – PavePro is an all-natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable asphalt remover that is both EPA and RCRA compliant.
  • Non-Stick Coating – In dilution, Blue creates a long-lasting barrier that helps prevent asphalt adhesion.
  • DOT-Approved for Truck Beds – Our release agent is DOT-approved and NTPEP-tested as 357 and BA-30 (on a state-by-state basis) and outperforms its competition after achieving the maximum amount of pulls on polymer-modified binder when tested in an asphalt performance test.
  • Extremely Practical – PavePro Blue is highly effective in tire spray-down systems on shuttle buggies (MTVs) and track pavers, conveyor belts & pulleys, dump truck beds, rubber tire rollers, pneumatic rollers and steel drum rollers.

Reviews of PavePro Gold:

Needed a DOT product

February 25, 2024

We needed a release agent approved by SCDOT so we got Blue. Does exactly what it supposed to.



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Reviews of PavePro Gold:

PavePro Green

PavePro Green is our 2-in-1 asphalt remover and release agent that works better and lasts longer than diesel fuel. It’s patented formula is perfect for every day use.

PavePro Gold

PavePro Gold is our heavy-duty asphalt remover and tack cleaner made for the toughest, most stubborn build-up that nothing else will clean.

Other Products

PavePro offers a wide variety of products, headlined by our 3 flagship formulas: Green, Gold and Blue; though other products and formulations are available for asphalt plants, municipalities and contractors.