We hear it almost every day when talking to potential customers: “we’re always looking for something better than diesel, but we haven’t found anything yet.” Diesel fuel is indeed a great solution for cleaning asphalt and preventing asphalt build-up. But there’s one big problem… it’s illegal.

Not only that but despite diesel alternatives being historically bad, there are better options than diesel fuel on the job site and at the asphalt plant. Let’s take a look at how to determine what asphalt remover and asphalt release agents will work best for you and your needs.

An asphalt remover does exactly what it sounds like: it removes asphalt from a piece of equipment. Also known as an asphalt solvent or asphalt cleaner, these solutions are used to break down the oil in the asphalt and separate it from the aggregate so that the hardened asphalt can be removed with ease.

Most asphalt removers are by-products from other industries; most of the time oils. Products like soy, citrus, or peanut oil work to break down the asphalt, but they aren’t the best solutions out there. After all, peanut oil is used for cooking french fries, not cleaning asphalt.

Asphalt removers are not effective as release agents. They typically have very low flash points and evaporate away quickly under high heat. Many removers are very harsh to the asphalt and can destroy the integrity of the newly laid mat similar to how diesel fuel does. Citrus, for example, is a good cleaner, but it is considered hazardous waste, is dangerous, and eats up your paint.

All About Asphalt Release Agents

An asphalt release agent is what you use to prevent the asphalt build-up in the first place. Just like when you use diesel fuel throughout the day on your shovels, lutes, pavers, and dump trucks, asphalt release agents are used so that you don’t have asphalt sticking to everything.

Asphalt release agents are vital to the job. Without them, not only would working be a lot more difficult, but they help protect your paving machines from clumps and prevent carryback in the beds of trucks.

Asphalt release agents are incredibly limited by their flash points. As I mentioned earlier, a low flash point means that the product will evaporate away under the heat of the asphalt. Diesel fuel, for example, begins to evaporate at 125°F; that ain’t going to work very well for you when asphalt hits the diesel fuel between 225°F and 300°F before being laid.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

The #1 Rated Asphalt Solution

When it comes to asphalt removers and asphalt release agents, there’s only one product that will rank #1 in both categories. That’s PavePro. Not only is PavePro a stronger, safer, and legal alternative as an asphalt remover, but PavePro is a longer-lasting release agent that will save you time and is more cost-effective than diesel.

I’m not even kidding. When you compare diesel fuel to PavePro, you’ll see that PavePro works better and is more cost-effective; you’ll use way less product for better results. In a truck bed, for example, PavePro can last you up to 6 loads before you have to reapply, and you only have to hit the trouble spots. No more coating your entire bed with diesel fuel every time you go to the plant. On a shovel, it’s the same story. You can get up to 50 shovel loads with one application. That’s a powerful tool for your crew.

The Different PavePro Products 

PavePro’s specialty asphalt solutions are researched, formulated, and blended for a specific purpose: to prevent asphalt build-up and remove hardened asphalt. Unlike other solutions, our all-natural products are created to specifically target the bitumen in the asphalt. We make multiple products for different applications to ensure that you have access to a product that works, unlike any other product. You’ll love it, guaranteed.

Let’s look at three of our most popular products and what makes each one unique:

PavePro Green

Green is our flagship product; the go-to, if you will. If you’ve ever seen any of our videos on social media, green is what we use in all of them. It’s a 2-in-1 asphalt solvent AND release agent just like diesel fuel, except it’s legal, it cleans better, and it lasts longer.

You can’t go wrong with PavePro Green. There isn’t an asphalt solvent on the market with a higher flash point than it. In a research study of the best asphalt cleaners conducted by Indiana DOT and Purdue University, PavePro was the only product that clocked a flash point above 350°F. Not a single product tested other than PavePro even had a flash point above 250°F.

Green is best used throughout the day as a direct replacement for diesel fuel. Spraying it during the job as a release agent and using it as clean-up here and there is where Green shines bright.

PavePro Green is a powerhouse. It’ll seriously knock your socks off as a solvent and release agent. The only asphalt remover better than Green is PavePro Gold.

PavePro Gold

Gold is your heavy-duty asphalt and tack remover. It’ll melt right through anything bitumen-based: asphalt, tack, emulsion, seal coat, you name it. Gold isn’t as long-lasting last as Green, but is, instead, used better as an end-of-the-day clean-up tool or before you take equipment into the shop. If you’re looking for a product to eat through the stickiest and hardest of asphalt build-up, I mean inches of build-up, Gold is the way to go.

PavePro Blue

If you’re looking for a release agent-only product, PavePro Blue is the one you want to use. PavePro Blue is your truck bed and roller release agent solution that can be applied directly or in spray systems.

Unlike Green and Gold, which are both deactivated with water, Blue is water-based which means it is dilutable to meet your needs. Blue is our DOT-approved release agent and is available in a concentrate and a ready-to-use form.

Knowing what’s right for your paving crew is not always easy. To ensure you get the best product for your needs at the best price, you can always reach out to our sales team to help guide you in the right direction. We’re here to answer all of your questions and figure out what you need. Give us a call at 888-389-3189 during business hours or send us an email at [email protected] 24/7.


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