Construction crews nationwide are returning to work as businesses begin reopening this summer. Travel, which was significantly reduced due to COVID-19 restrictions, is rebounding to normal rates. Throughout the month of March, states across the U.S. began shutting down– closing offices, restaurants, hair salons, gyms and more. Due to the shutdowns, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, for example, experienced a 96% reduction in flights with only 8,168 passengers flying in one week in May. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation reported that traffic had dropped by 50% on average throughout the month of April.


Along with travel, construction crews on roads and runways have decreased their workloads as their employees are not working and the need for repairs has decreased. In March, when many governments deemed going to work unsafe, workers stayed at home to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19.


Now, businesses nationwide are reopening, and people are returning to work and traveling once more. Construction crews are back out maintaining, repairing, and building new roads and runways. According to the Washington Post, “U.S. traffic has rebounded to about 90 percent of pre-pandemic levels.” Experts predict that a record number of drivers will be on the road this year in the next two months as many people are taking time off work to vacation when they feel it is safe again.


Chemtek works closely with the road construction industry, providing solutions such as PavePro, which help paving crews work safely and efficiently. In a normal year, the summer is the busiest time for paving crews. However, crews are having to adapt quickly and go from 0 to 100 to capitalize on this valuable time of peak paving season, which was off to a slow start due to COVID.  As road construction rapidly ramps up, we are here to provide support to all of our customers, from small paving crews to statewide DOTs.


To learn more about PavePro and experience the power of our environmentally friendly asphalt remover visit our about page.


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