Drag slat maintenance is absolutely paramount to the success of an asphalt plant. The drag sits at the heart of your plant. As soon as it breaks, your production screeches to a halt, you stop making money, and your customers have to find asphalt elsewhere while you fix things that broke. 

What sucks, is that drag slats go down often. Their moving components and chains are fragile and prone to breaking.

But here’s the good thing: drag slat maintenance is easy

Let’s take a look at the problem that drag slats face and the easiest and most innovative solution to prevent downtime, decrease wear and tear, and minimize start-up costs.

There are three pain points that drag slats face, all of which can significantly impact the performance of your plant: chain failure, decreased conveyor payload, and abrasive start-up. 

Left untreated, drag slat chains will break. As asphalt builds up along the conveyor system, chains will undergo tensile, wear, and fatigue failure. 

  • Asphalt build-up forces the conveyor to stretch and pull on the chains as it tries to pull the load against gravity and asphalt deposits.
  • Cold asphalt build-up chunks break off and move through the conveyor causing increased wear on the chains.
  • The build-up will also cause increased stress on the chains as they have to carry heavier loads than what they are designed to carry. Microfractures happen in the chains over time and will eventually break.

Build-up on your drag slat will also cause clogging and decreased conveyor payload. There will be less space to carry asphalt in the drag, but will still use the same amount (or even more in most cases) of electricity and time to carry that load.

Start-up at the beginning of the day causes a lot of wear on the drag slat. At start-up, the asphalt build-up in the drag is the coldest and hardest it will ever be and is forced into movement when the drag starts running. As the conveyor starts moving, it has to travel through hardened asphalt along the drag stretching the chains and causing the drag to face additional wear and tear and abrasion.

The Ideal Solution To Drag Slat Maintenance

Incorporating PavePro Drag Slat Xtender into your asphalt plant’s operations will benefit your drag in three ways:

  • PavePro removes asphalt build-up your drag: Spraying your drag’s hardened asphalt with PavePro DSX will allow our advanced asphalt remover to penetrate into the build-up and release it from within. It effectively removes 100% of asphalt and tar build-up, reducing labor costs and drag slat stress.
  • PavePro prevents asphalt build-up on your drag: With the highest flash point on the market, PavePro DSX provides a non-stick barrier on the drag preventing asphalt from building back up to keep it clean and free of asphalt throughout the day.
  • PavePro lubricates the moving components on your drag: PavePro DSX contains advanced lubrication components that stick around because of its long-lasting formula. It helps to lube moving parts in the drag chain and drive sprockets to decrease wear and tear and avoid repeated breakdowns. 

Common methods to clean drag slats like diesel and citrus are not as effective as PavePro. Diesel fuel can clean and lubricate your drag, but as soon as the hot mix hits it, it evaporates away. Diesel has a flash point of 130°F, so hot mix immediately halts its ability to prevent build-up and lubricate moving parts. Not to mention it’s awful for the integrity of the mix, dangerous, and illegal. Citrus products are even worse than diesel. They have a flash point of 115°F.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

PavePro Drag Slat Xtender

PavePro DSX is the ideal drag slat cleaner, release agent, and lubricator. It effectively removes 100% of all asphalt, tar, oil, and grease buildup from drag slat conveyors and lubricates chains and sprockets, extending its life as it cleans.

PavePro is a patented formula specifically designed to deliver unmatched cleaning performance. It has been thoroughly researched and engineered to dissolve and remove stubborn asphalt buildup from your drag slat conveyor better than citrus and diesel products. But the benefits don’t end there. Switching from diesel to PavePro is not only safer but will save money, labor, and time. Just spray it and forget it: let PavePro do all the work for you.

With PavePro DSX, you can optimize your drag slat conveyor’s performance. By eliminating asphalt buildup and lubricating moving parts, you’ll experience smoother material flow with reduced conveyor jerking and stress, reduced clogs, decreased amp usage (up to 20%), and improved conveying efficiency. It will help your operations maximize your productivity and revenue by minimizing downtime and maintenance-related disruptions.

Your drag slat conveyor is key to your plant’s success, and PavePro is your partner in protecting it. Regular use of PavePro DSX helps prevent damage caused by accumulated asphalt, extending the lifespan of your conveyor system, as well as reducing gearbox and motor stress. Save on costly repairs and replacements, and keep your operations running smoothly.


If you’re interested in learning more about our asphalt plant solutions, including our custom spray systems and asphalt release agents, get in touch with our asphalt plant experts today.


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