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PavePro: In Action

Watch to see our biodegradable asphalt solvent and asphalt release agent, PavePro, melt away asphalt–making it incredibly easy to scrape away. See for yourself.


What’s Going on here?

PavePro is a hardworking, environmentally-friendly asphalt remover that works better than citrus and diesel. Our asphalt remover is also an asphalt release agent, leaving behind a slick oily film for PavePro’s long-lasting release agent power to keep working long after application. PavePro stays on shovels, rakes, truck beds, and other paving equipment longer, requiring less re-application and saving you time and money. 

Like What you see?

Our experienced PavePro team is here to answer your questions or get PavePro products into your hands! If you are interested in our asphalt remover, contact us today!

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