Some companies have the coolest-looking paving machines.

Here are some of my favorites:

Companies take pride in their paving machine. It’s a staple to their business and is typically the first thing that catches peoples’ eyes when they drive by the job site. It makes sense why so many people take such great care of their pavers.

But this begs the question: why do companies put such harsh chemicals on their machines that they care so much about?

Historically, companies have used diesel to clean asphalt off of and prevent build-up on their equipment. While it works fine at doing so, it ruins the paint and decals on the equipment.

Diesel fuel is corrosive and loves to eat right through paint and clear coat. It’ll also dull out the aluminum and can eat up the rubber on your tires. It does evaporate pretty quickly, but it leaves behind a chemical residue that continues to eat through the surface of your machine.

Diesel fuel can cause your paint to bubble, peel and strip away. And if you have decals like Piedmont Paving, forget about ’em! They’re gone. The fuel will eat right through the adhesive in the stickers and decals.

Gas is the same way, but even worse. It’s more corrosive and can stain the paint so that it doesn’t eat up. The worst part about gas and diesel is that they aren’t water deactivated. Once you spray it on, water itself isn’t going to stop it from corroding your machine. Even high-pressure water won’t do it. You have to come back, again, with more chemicals to clean the corrosive fuels off.

Some companies are using citrus products. While they aren’t effective at their job of cleaning and preventing asphalt build-up, they aren’t as awful to your paint job and stickers.

Citrus, specifically, isn’t great. It’s very alkaline with a pH of around 13. That means it sits on the pH scale right between bleach and drain cleaner. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t pour bleach or drain cleaner on anything I care about.

Unlike fuels and citrus, PavePro, a pH-neutral and non-corrosive solution that ensures the safety of your paint is an all-star asphalt remover and asphalt release agent. With its unique water deactivation feature, simply rinsing with water after cleaning completely deactivates the solvent, leaving your surfaces residue-free of harmful and corrosive chemicals.

Unmatched in performance, PavePro outshines other asphalt solvents and release agents mentioned before. Its exceptional longevity sets it apart, boasting a flash point of over 400°F to prevent steaming up and evaporating, unlike citrus and diesel alternatives.

At PavePro, we prioritize delivering reliable solutions that simplify your life while keeping your machinery in pristine condition. Experience the difference that PavePro brings to your paving projects.


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