PavePro is the industry-leading solution for removing asphalt from paving tools and equipment, but PavePro isn’t the only asphalt cleaner on the market. Many asphalt removers are citrus-based. PavePro contains no citrus so let’s look at how it stacks up against citrus alternatives.

Safety, Flashpoint & Flammability

When considering flashpoint and flammability, the difference in safety between citrus-based cleaners and PavePro is profound. While citrus cleaners have not been banned for use by the EPA (like diesel fuel), they are considered a RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act) hazardous waste. RCRA classifies hazardous waste as any material that has a flashpoint below 140°. Citrus products’ flashpoint is typically 115°F, putting it well below the threshold.

A flashpoint of 115° F or lower also means the material is combustible. Working with asphalt, especially in high heat, is dangerous. The danger is compounded by handling hazardous citrus substances that could ignite when 115° F is reached. Ignitions ranging from smaller, equipment-based incidents to large-scale asphalt plant explosions are real possibilities when handling citrus products. With a flashpoint over 200° F, PavePro is neither combustible nor flammable. PavePro eliminates the risks of flashpoint-related accidents and is the safest solution to remove asphalt from paving equipment in the field and at the shop.

Another area of concern for many citrus-based cleaners is the additional additives needed to boost cleaning power. Many citrus cleaners include environmental disrupters and carcinogens to add additional cleaning power, but are the advantages worth the cost? Let’s take a look! 2-butoxyethanol (butyl) is found in many powerful citrus solvents; unfortunately, butyl is a known carcinogen that causes harm when inhaled and exposed to the skin. Exposure to butyl can lead to cancer, leukemia, and other serious diseases. Some citrus cleaners also contain nonylphenols which is a type of alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE). APEs are an environmental hazard known as “endocrine disrupters.” When APEs enter a water source they can poison fish, altering their reproductive system. Both butyl and APEs present serious dangers and it’s important to ensure workers are not exposed to these hazards. PavePro Green is an environmentally safe product that contains absolutely no hazardous ingredients. While it boasts impressive cleaning power, it doesn’t contain the hazardous additives found in many competitive products.

Cleaning Power

Cleaning power is what makes an asphalt remover valuable to a paving crew – an efficient asphalt cleaner reduces labor costs, material costs, and equipment repairs. Citrus cleaners are less than half as effective at removing asphalt from equipment and machinery as PavePro. While citrus-based cleaners do have powerful cleaning capabilities and tend to clean quickly, the low flashpoint leads to a high evaporation rate. This means more product is required and constant re-application is needed. PavePro’s high flashpoint and slow evaporation rate allow it to work harder and longer to remove tough asphalt build-up. Less product is needed, and labor hours aren’t wasted on re-application efforts.

Release Qualities

Citrus-based cleaners also do not possess release qualities. Applying them to tools or equipment to generate release is futile due to the high evaporation rate. As soon as hot asphalt hits the cleaner, it evaporates. No film is left behind to protect the equipment or machinery from asphalt buildup. Essentially, asphalt will continue accumulating and multiple reapplications will be necessary. In contrast, PavePro Green has unique release qualities that allow more than 50 shovels of asphalt before noticeable asphalt build-up occurs. These release qualities enhance PavePro’s effectiveness and superiority, saving your crew time and your company money.


            The price of citrus-based cleaners fluctuates based on the market price of orange oil which is relatively unstable. Generally, citrus-based cleaners require larger margins to cover these raw material fluctuations meaning the price is high for the quality of the product being supplied. PavePro’s price is not dependent on raw material cost fluctuations which allows for a competitive and stable pricing structure.

            Citrus-based asphalt cleaners pale in comparison to PavePro when examining the effectiveness, safety, and overall quality. Choose the option that works harder and longer, while protecting your crew and the environment.