Chemtek solutions are the cleanest and greenest in the business.  While PavePro boasts the strongest cleaning power and can outperform competitors, its unique differentiator is its ecologically sound, clean ingredients.

Using PavePro in your paving operations adds value to your business beyond its extraordinary cleaning power by allowing your business to:

  • Strengthen brand positioning by promoting your commitment to using environmentally friendly products
  • Provide a safe work environment for your crew
  • Raise the standard for sustainable practices in construction by incorporating eco-friendly solutions into your operations

High Flashpoint for Superior Safety & RCRA Compliance

PavePro’s flashpoint is significantly higher than other competitors. PavePro’s closed-cup flashpoints are greater than 200° F providing your paving crew with a higher level of safety. Citrus products’ flashpoint is typically around 115° F, while diesel’s is 130° F. Learn more about flashpoint in asphalt cleaners. PavePro’s high flashpoint also means it is NOT considered an RCRA hazardous waste, unlike its competitors. The Resource and Conservation Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) is a federal law requiring that hazardous waste be tracked from generation to disposal. RCRA considers both diesel and citrus cleaners hazardous wastes and therefore non-compliant.

EPA Standards & Environmental Safety

PavePro Green adheres to EPA standards for environmental safety. The use of diesel fuel for asphalt removal or as a release agent is no longer Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant. DOTs forbid contractors from using diesel fuel on state and federal jobs. PavePro was invented to replace diesel fuel and comply with EPA standards.

100% Biodegradability

Being 100% biodegradable means breaking down entirely into natural materials (water, carbon dioxide, biomass – materials that will not harm the environment) in a reasonable amount of time. PavePro’s 5-day biodegradability is 54%, while citrus’ is 3% and diesels is 0%. Biodegradability is extremely important in protecting our water sources and the environment as a whole.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, experience the next level of environmental responsibility and add value to your company with PavePro!