Ultimate Features For Powerful Cleaning

PavePro cleans better lasts longer is safer  than diesel

cleans better lasts longer is safer
than diesel

Let PavePro Do The Work For You

To remove asphalt build up:


hardened asphalt or tack to be cleaned.


to penetrate deep. The longer it sits, the better it works.


with water to remove the asphalt and deactivate the PavePro.

To prevent asphalt build up:


to prevent build up on truck beds, tools, and equipment prior to work.


as you normally would without having to stop as often to reapply.


when asphalt build up begins to occur.

Increase Efficiency

Spend less time stopping your operations, prevent carry back, and finish the job faster.

Minimize Downtime

PavePro lubricates as it works and is proven to decrease the wear and tear on your paving equipment.

Stay Fresh

Remove and prevent asphalt build up and tack over spray better than diesel or citrus.

Success Backed By Science.

With a flash point above 400°F, PavePro outperforms the competition by continuing to penetrate deeper and melt away more asphalt. Unlike diesel, soy, and citrus, which evaporate away quickly under high heat, you can spend less time applying PavePro to hand tools and equipment and experience less carry bak in truck beds, saving you time and hassle on the job.

The #1 Choice For Asphalt Removers & Release Agents.

Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation collaborated to determine the most effective asphalt release agents and asphalt cleaners, and the results showed that PavePro was the best performer. PavePro is a patented asphalt cleaner and release agent designed to replace diesel fuel and  has been widely popular for over 25 years. The research confirmed PavePro’s scientific superiority over the other asphalt products, validating its position as the top asphalt remover and release agent available.

What’s Not To Love?

Our customers are raving about the benefits our ultimate asphalt solvents and asphalt release agents have. There is truly nothing else like it.

“Great product we use it daily. It’s amazing how quick it removes asphalt and tack from the equipment at the end of the season. And also for the times the tack truck driver decides the fresh concrete walk needed some tack on it.”


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“All these fellas saying diesel works just as effectively are full of it. We now run PavePro in our paver, in the beds of our dump trucks, buckets on skid steers and as cleanup agent on machinery and tools. But my favorite thing is the prevention film it leaves on our equipment, we wash our machines off with water now!”


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Powerful Asphalt Solvent

Long-Lasting Release Agent

400°F+ Flash Point

100% Biodegradable

Safest Asphalt Solution On The Market

DOT-Tested & DOT-Approved

More Cost Effective Than Diesel

Don’t You Want To See It For Yourself?