What is PavePro?

PavePro is the safest, most effective biodegradable asphalt solvent on the market. In short, PavePro outshines its competition; it is safer than diesel and stronger than citrus.  PavePro was designed to remove the toughest of asphalt buildups. In addition to its power, PavePro boasts impressive release qualities that leaves a slick oily film on tools and equipment, and prevents future buildup and asphalt from re-adhering to surfaces. 

The best asphalt cleaner on the market

Before we get into the details about where PavePro can help you, let’s discuss why our biodegradable asphalt solvent is the best on the market. Above all else, PavePro is stronger than its competition, working harder than both diesel fuel and citrus. What makes PavePro standout even more is its safety, both to your workers and to the environment. PavePro is all-natural and 100% biodegradable (EPA and RCRA compliant). PavePro is also water emulsifiable. The cleaning power of PavePro is easily deactivated with water; no more worrying about spills on freshly laid asphalt! With its high flashpoint, PavePro is non-flammable and much safer for workers, not to mention it is non-hazmat and less expensive to ship. PavePro also boasts a slow evaporation rate which allows it to stay on shovels, rakes, and truck beds longer, saving you time by requiring less re-application. Lastly, PavePro comes in many different packaging options. From aerosol cans to 330-gallon super totes, and everything in between, PavePro has you covered.  

Learn more about our Disposable Earthwise Totes coming in June of 2021, here. 

The most versatile and effective asphalt cleaner

There is no competition here. PavePro is the best option when it comes to asphalt solvents and release agents. It tackles the toughest asphalt buildup to leave your tools sparkling clean and is a top-notch release agent preventing asphalt from adhering to metal surfaces–but you might be wondering, “where can I use PavePro?” 

The answer is simple: PavePro can be used anywhere asphalt sticks. Our biodegradable asphalt cleaner is perfect for use on pavers, dump trucks, tack trucks, patch trucks, shovels, lutes and other paving tools. In addition to its versatility, it is safe to use on your boots and clothes! 

Don’t believe us? Watch this.

If you like what you see, feel free to reach out to our team to try PavePro for yourself.  

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