If you like the smell of diesel fuel, go ahead and click away. But if you’re like every other person in the asphalt paving industry, we’ve got a solution for you. With PavePro, you can remove asphalt, tack and tar off of your boots, clothes and hands in a few minutes without having to drench yourself in stinky diesel.
It goes without saying that if you work with asphalt, it’s going to stick to places where it shouldn’t stick. We’ve heard it all: on your boots, hands and clothes, behind your ear, under your hat and everywhere between. We’ve even heard stories of guys getting covered in overspray, leaving their jeans and boots polka dotted with sticky tack. They go about the rest of their day before spraying diesel fuel all over his jeans and boots and going home to an angry wife fed up with the smell of diesel and trying to scrape and clean tack and tar out of their clothes.
And if you try to go about your work day without getting the asphalt off that stuck to your boots, they could weigh 5 more pounds than when you started the day–something nobody wants to have to deal with. Luckily, there is an easy solution to removing asphalt, tack and tar from yourself.

Diesel is a no-go when it comes to you or your clothes.

No, the solution is not diesel. Sure, it works great when it takes the tack, tar and asphalt right out, but the smell is awful and you’re gonna have to use another product to make it go away. Instead, PavePro is the ideal solution for cleaning asphalt off your boots, clothes and hands. We designed our asphalt solvent and release agent to remove and prevent the toughest of asphalt, tar, tack, oil and grease buildups. We call PavePro legal diesel for a reason. It works like diesel fuel, except it stays on longer and keeps working harder, smells way better and its deactivated with water.
Clothes get in close proximity with asphalt every day.

Clothes often come in close proximity with asphalt. Image courtesy: Nastenkapeka/Getty Images

Remove asphalt from your boots with PavePro.

Buildup on your boots is the worst. Lugging around asphalt-clunked weights on your feet makes your long shift in the sun a lot harder. If you forgot to spray your boots with a release agent before starting the day, you need a way to remove the asphalt with ease.
All you’ll need is:
  • PavePro Green
  • A scraping tool
  • A water hose or spray bottle filled with water
  • A rag

Step 1: Spray your boots with PavePro

A light misting of PavePro’s asphalt solvent on the soles of your boots should do the trick at removing all the asphalt. Let the solvent sit for a few minutes to work its magic through the asphalt buildup. If you ended up with a heavy glob of asphalt on your boots, you might need to take them off and let them sit a bit longer, but in most cases, a few minutes will do the trick.
For tack, tar, grease or oil on the top of your boots, mist a rag with PavePro and wipe the buildup away. It should come off in a couple of passes.

Step 2: Scrape or wipe away the buildup

With your scraping tool, remove the remaining asphalt buildup from the soles of your boot and then wipe away any excess material with a rag. If you had buildup on the top of your boots, use the rag to remove that as well.
Oftentimes, you won’t even need to use a scraper or rag to remove the PavePro. Most customers tell us that PavePro melts the asphalt so well they don’t even need to remove anything by hand.

Step 3: Rinse with water

Rinse the remaining asphalt and grime off of your boots and deactivate the PavePro with water. No need to worry about the solvent harming your work boots. When you see the green PavePro turn a milky white color, you’re good to go.

Prevent asphalt buildup on your boots with PavePro.

Not only is PavePro an asphalt solvent and asphalt cleaner, but it also works as a release agent. Its slow evaporation rate keeps PavePro on much longer than other “homemade release agents” or diesel fuel under the intense heat of the asphalt. With PavePro, you can prevent asphalt buildup before it even occurs.
You will need:
  • PavePro Green
  • Sprayer

Step 1: Ensure your boots are dry

Because PavePro deactivates with water, you’ll want to make sure that there is no water on the sole of your boots. Dirt, asphalt, or other materials are okay, so long as they are not wet with water.

Step 2: Spray your soles with PavePro

Fill your sprayer with PavePro and mist your boots with the PavePro. This will prevent asphalt buildup so you can spend more time working and less time scraping and cleaning your boots.
Asphalt commonly sticks to boots without a release agent

Asphalt sticks to boots without an asphalt release agent. Image courtesy: Kozmoat98/Getty Images

Remove asphalt from your clothes with PavePro.

Putting grimy clothes covered in asphalt in your washing machine won’t get the job done and will end up forcing you to buy a new machine. Using diesel fuel to remove the buildup leaves your clothes smelling awful and your family steering clear of you after work. With PavePro, you can remove the asphalt, tack, tar and oil from your clothes in a few seconds of work.
You will need:
  • PavePro Green
  • Sprayer
  • Washing machine

Step 1: Spray with PavePro

At the end of the day, you won’t have to worry about actually cleaning your clothes, per se. Instead, spray the trouble areas with PavePro and let it soak for a few minutes before throwing it in the washing machine.

Step 2: Run the washing machine

Wash your clothes as you would with detergent and your once asphalt-soiled clothes will come out fresh and clean. The water in the wash will deactivate the PavePro and you’ll be good to go.
We recommend that you wash these clothes separate from clothes without asphalt, tar, tack, oil or grease on them to prevent any loose material from clinging to the other clothes.

Remove asphalt from your hands with PavePro.

Soap and water won’t cut it. You can scrub your heart out but you’re going to need something stronger to clean the asphalt, tack, tar, oil and grease off of your hands. With PavePro, it’s easier than ever.
You will need:
  • PavePro Green
  • Rag
  • Water
  • Optional: Hand soap

Step 1: Spray your hands with PavePro

Mist your hands with PavePro to begin breaking down the buildup. If you tried to wash your hands before, make sure they are dry before applying the asphalt solvent.

Step 2: Wipe clean with a rag

Use a rag to wipe away any buildup and extra PavePro on your hands. Watch the quick video below to see these first two steps in action:

Step 3: Rinse your hands with water

Use water to deactivate the PavePro and wash away any material left over from removing the buildup. If you have a sink and hand soap available, you can also wash your hands, but this is not always necessary.
Your wife and kids will thank you when you stop coming home smelling like diesel fuel and instead start applying these tips to using PavePro on your boots, clothes and hands. With our asphalt solvent and release agent, you can clean any asphalt, tack, tar, oil or grease buildup and prevent future buildups.
Learn more about PavePro here.


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