Asphalt is a sticky mess. As soon as it hits the bed of your dump truck, the asphalt starts to build up. If the asphalt isn’t cleaned or prevented from building up in the first place, the sticky mess quickly turns into an absolute monstrosity in the back of your bed. Which I think everyone can agree isn’t very fun.

Asphalt build up in a truck bed can be pretty bad. Not only is it awful to clean up at the end of the day, but it can even ruin the fresh mat or hurt the paver you’re dumping into. Cold chunks can and will break off from the buildup and get into your mix and start to warm back up. These cold chunks cause massive wear and tear on the components within the paver and those that make it into the mat can cause quick degradation of the pavement and varying weak points throughout the mat. Overall, it’s important to keep the cool and cured mix out of your fresh hot mix.

Luckily, though, preventing asphalt buildup in the back of your bed is easy with a release agent like PavePro.

That’s right. I said PavePro. Not diesel fuel. And not the soapy crap they give you at the plant either. PavePro.

Diesel Fuel SUCKS

Let’s go ahead and clear the air. Diesel fuel is bad. Sure, you can get away with using it sometimes, but the fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t. Diesel fuel is federally prohibited. And while diesel fuel, historically, has been a popular method for preventing asphalt buildup on trucks, pavers, and hand tools, you just can’t get away with it anymore. Plants won’t let you spray diesel fuel before you get mix and inspectors are happy to pass out fines and suspensions (depending on the state) for using diesel on the job.

And it’s illegal for good reason. Diesel fuel wreaks havoc on your asphalt mix, stripping the asphaltic cement from the aggregate and slowly breaking down the mat being laid. When you use diesel fuel, there’s nothing you can do about it. That diesel fuel is going to sit in the pavement and continue to degrade for up to two months, ruining the product you just created.

But, if I haven’t convinced you enough, don’t you hate having to get out of the truck to spray your bed every load? Imagine you could get up to 5 or 6 loads with one single application. With PavePro, you can do just that, and use less product for better results than diesel.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

PavePro Is An Unmatched Asphalt Release Agent

PavePro is a superior asphalt release agent made specifically to clean and prevent asphalt buildup. It’s actually stupid how much better it is than diesel.

PavePro has a flash point of over 400°F. Skipping over all the boring science talk, which you can find here, this means that PavePro doesn’t steam up and evaporate away as you see with diesel fuel. I’m sure you’ve noticed the steam that occurs when you’re spraying diesel fuel into and on the paver hopper. That’s because diesel fuel’s flash point is well below the temperature of the hot mix. We’re talking in the 130°F range. That’s not good. As soon as that diesel fuel hits anything hot it creates a dangerous vapor and stops working as a release agent. That’s why you have to reapply so frequently.

With PavePro, you’re not going to see that same evaporation as you do with diesel. PavePro stays on longer so it can last you up to 5 or 6 trips to the plant with a single application and more than 50 shovel loads. This means that, not only are you spending less time spraying an asphalt release agent, but your spending more time working and less money on the product.

PavePro is more cost-effective than diesel fuel because you use such a significant amount less with way better results. That’s science in a bucket!

But that’s not all. PavePro is actually legal to use. We have multiple release agents on qualified products lists (QPL and QCML) across the US so that you can maintain compliance while using a product that is long-lasting and worth your while. The best part about PavePro’s release agents is that they are non-stripping, which allows them to be on the qualified products lists, so the mix integrity is never harmed and the final product is as good as it can be. After all, our job is to make your lives easier.

PavePro is also a great lubricant in a hopper, shuttle buggy, and other machines with moving parts. After extensive testing with multiple customers across the US, big and small, we found that PavePro leads to a 60% decrease in quarterly maintenance on shuttle buggy chains and paver conveyors when they were pretreated. That’s a hard benefit to pass up on.

All About PavePro Blue 

One product in specific we recommend as a release agent is PavePro Blue.

PavePro Blue is our longest-lasting, water-based asphalt release agent that prevents asphalt buildup in key problem areas throughout the paving process. Our advanced formula creates a non-stick coating on rubber tire rollers, tires, and tracks on paving equipment, and dump truck beds.

PavePro Blue’s 100% active and biodegradable formula makes it easy and safe to use without compromising long-lasting power. You can mix it straight into the spray-down system on shuttle buggies, track pavers, and rollers (as an asphalt roller release agent). It’s available in a ready-to-use and concentrated formula that will absolutely blow your socks off. There’s no water-based release agent better than PavePro Blue.


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