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One of the main problems that paving companies face on
a regular basis is asphalt adhering to the tires of the equipment and machinery.
Asphalt can be extremely sticky, with the degree of stickiness depending on the
difference in temperature between the surface of the newly paved asphalt and
the tires.1 Asphalt stuck on tires breaks down their integrity, adds
time to the paving job, and ultimately costs your company unnecessary money.

There are several ways to prevent asphalt from sticking on tires. To start with, paving crews must heat their tires before the job and keep them at the correct temperature. If the tire is almost as hot as the asphalt is, it acts as a “lubricant” for the rubber tires.2 Using a wheel cover is a great way to maintain heat on the tires. Wheel covers also protect tires from ambient conditions such as fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Another way to prevent asphalt buildup is to use a release agent. The release agent is mixed with water in the sprayer and applied directly to the tire. It is essential to operations that a release agent is applied to the tire, not a cleaner or solvent. Cleaners break down and destroy tires at a faster rate than not applyi­­­­ng anything at all. Release agents create a barrier between the asphalt and tire, preventing adhesion. Crews have to stop the job immediately when asphalt starts sticking to tires. Release agents are ideal for paving jobs because they help prevent asphalt from sticking in the first place.

Chemtek’s release agent, PavePro Blue, has been evaluated by the NTPEP and established as a high-caliber, very effective release agent. With 100% biodegradability, EPA compliance, and clean ingredients (no silicon), PavePro Blue is the most environmentally friendly and safe release agent on the market. While its main application is on tires, PavePro Blue can also be used on conveyor belts, pulleys, drum rollers, rubber tire rollers, and dump truck beds.

Paving takes time, energy, and focus – make your job easier with PavePro Blue.


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