In the world of asphalt operations, efficiency and cost savings are paramount. Every ounce of material and every minute of time matter, and even seemingly small inefficiencies can quickly add up to significant losses. In this short blog post, we’ll explore a common challenge known as asphalt carryback and how PavePro’s innovative asphalt release agent is the key to solving this problem. By the end of this article, you’ll understand why preventing asphalt carryback is crucial for your bottom line and how PavePro can help you achieve this.

Before delving into solutions, let’s first understand what asphalt carryback is. Asphalt carryback occurs when material, in this case, asphalt, sticks to the sides and beds of haul trucks. Load after load, this material buildup not only reduces the payload capacity of each trip but also accumulates over time, regardless of the fact that most drivers spray their beds with diesel because the soap at the plant is typically worthless. In some cases, it can result in up to 10 tons or more of material carryback per day. To put this in perspective, it can mean that 10% of each load is lost. While 10% may seem insignificant for a single load, the big picture reveals a different story. It adds up quickly, resulting in more hauling, increased fuel costs, added wear and tear on equipment, and ultimately, a decrease in profit.

Why is Asphalt Carryback a Problem?

Asphalt carryback has two major consequences. Firstly, it directly reduces the efficiency of operations by decreasing the payload capacity of each haul. This leads to increased costs and decreased profitability. Secondly, if the problem becomes significant, it requires the haul trucks to be shut down for manual removal of the accumulated material. This process involves diverting your crew to shovel out the material, which is a time-consuming and dangerous task, aside from the fact that they are pulled off the job site. Carryback results in lost truckloads of asphalt and decreased productivity. In the world of asphalt operations, time is money, and carryback is a costly obstacle to overcome.

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Why Diesel Fuel is Not the Right Solution

It’s important to address the common practice of using diesel fuel as a release agent and why it falls short in preventing asphalt carryback. Diesel fuel is often utilized due to its affordability and availability, but it comes with significant downsides.

Firstly, diesel fuel has a low flash point, which means it quickly evaporates under the high temperatures of hot mix. As a result, you need to use a considerable amount of diesel to maintain the desired level of effectiveness. This constant need for reapplication not only increases the cost of fuel but also leads to more frequent interruptions in your operations.

Secondly, using diesel fuel poses safety and environmental risks. The low flash point and the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during evaporation can be hazardous to workers and the environment. Additionally, the extended use of diesel fuel contributes to pollution and negatively impacts air quality.

How to Solve Carryback with PavePro

The good news is that there is a solution to the carryback conundrum, and it comes in the form of PavePro’s innovative asphalt release agent. PavePro has been coined “legal diesel” for a good reason. It works just like diesel fuel, but it goes the extra mile in terms of performance, longevity, and safety. We’re not talking marginal difference either: try 3-4x more loads with PavePro than you get with diesel.

By applying PavePro, you can effectively prevent asphalt carryback. Its unique formulation ensures that asphalt doesn’t stick to the truck beds and sides, eliminating the need for tedious manual cleaning. Instead, the asphalt smoothly releases from the truck, ensuring that every load is maximized just like everyone wants.

In addition to preventing carryback, PavePro also offers environmental benefits. It’s biodegradable and safe, addressing concerns about environmental impact and worker safety associated with traditional diesel fuel. Look, we don’t make the laws; we just help people with a product that’s legal and keeps inspectors off your back.

In conclusion, asphalt carryback is a significant obstacle that can drain your profits and hinder your operations. PavePro’s asphalt release agent is the game-changing solution that ensures your operations run efficiently, saving you money, time, and resources. Make the switch to PavePro and watch your asphalt operations soar to new levels of productivity and profitability.

By using PavePro, you’re not only preventing asphalt carryback; you’re also paving the way to a more efficient and sustainable future for your asphalt business.

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