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It’s a common problem in the asphalt industry: overspray on your concrete. Whether it’s asphalt, tack, seal coat, prime coat, or any other asphalt-based product, it shouldn’t be on your concrete. You need a way to get it off, and we’ve got an excellent solution for you to remove asphalt and tack from your concrete in only 10 minutes.
We’ve created the first-ever video tutorial on removing asphalt and tack from your concrete. In this video, we show you how easy and quick it is to remove these asphalt-based products from the concrete without harming or discoloring it. The process is easy and you only need a few ingredients. Here is how you can do it yourself:
These four ingredients allow you to remove asphalt products from your concrete in no time. You won’t need to lug around a bunch of expensive products or special tools.
You’ll need:

Step 1: Apply PavePro and let it sit

The first step is to break down the asphalt or tack from the concrete. To do this, you’ll need to apply PavePro to the troubled area and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you don’t have that long, you can let it sit for a shorter period like 10 minutes.
Coat the asphalt with PavePro and make sure that you cover the entire area. If you leave any asphalt untouched by the PavePro, it won’t be able to break down.

Step 2: Scrub the area

The next step is to get into the asphalt and the porous area of the concrete with a brush. We recommend spraying another light coating of PavePro over the surface before this step.
Scrub the area to break down asphalt or tack and mix in the PavePro to allow the solvent to continue doing its job. Make sure to scrub the entire area and do so for as long as you can. The more you scrub, the better the asphalt will break down.

Step 3: Apply Dawn Dish Detergent

Now that you’ve broken down the asphalt, you’ll need to pull the PavePro and oil from the asphalt out of the concrete. The purpose of this step is to emulsify these products with Dawn as a surfactant so you can wash it away later.
Apply a liberal amount of Dawn Dish Detergent to the surface of the scrubbed area and begin scrubbing it again with the wire brush. This step is important to ensure no asphalt on the concrete and to prevent the oils from discoloring or destroying the integrity of the concrete

Step 4: Pressure wash the area

This last step is the most fun part. You get to pressure wash it away. Fire the pressure washer off and get that mess out of there.
There’s not much science behind this last step. Use your pressure washer and completely clean the surface of the concrete. After that, you’re good to go.
Disclaimer: The method tested in the video is shown with lab-grade asphalt binder PG 64-22 but has been proven effective with various asphalt-based products: emulsion, seal coat, liquid asphalt, prime coat, and tack coat.


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