PavePro’s asphalt release agent was designed to do more than your typical, run-of-the-mill release agent; it’s specifically formulated to prevent build-up for 3-4x longer than diesel fuel and other market-leading products and increase lubricity inside your equipments’ moving components.

These two innovative features are crucial for increasing road crews’ efficiency and decreasing downtime on the job. Let’s take a closer look at these features that set PavePro apart from the rest of the market.

One of the worst things that can happen to a paving crew is equipment malfunctioning, breaking down, or getting sent to the shop. When your paver or patch truck isn’t on the job, you aren’t getting work done, and you’re leaking money. 

While maintenance and downtime are inevitable, there are measures you can put in place to help reduce the amount of time your equipment is down for the count. 

By introducing PavePro Green Asphalt Release Agent into your paving operations, you’ll see a significant advantage in its release power compared to that of diesel fuel. The problem with diesel fuel and other low flash point release agents is that they evaporate quickly under the high heat of the hot mix. And when your release agent evaporates away, it stops working.

With a flash point well over 400°F, PavePro stays on your equipment longer. This means two things:

  1. You can prevent more asphalt build-up for longer with less release agent (saves on time, money, and labor) 
  2. You can increase lubricity in moving parts that are prone to breaking (reduced downtime and repairs)

Diesel fuel and citrus both have flash points below 130°F; as soon as the mix hits it, you start to lose the prevention and lubrication benefits that PavePro can continue providing for longer, despite the 300°F+ asphalt hitting it.

PavePro Decreases Asphalt Equipment Downtime By Up To 60%

Whether you’re using PavePro on a paving machine, shuttle buggy, drag slat, or patch truck, our studies have shown that PavePro tremendously decreases downtime.

In a recent multi-year study with a customer in Georgia, PavePro was found to reduce quarterly equipment maintenance from normal wear and tear by 60% on shuttle buggy chains and paver conveyors when treated with PavePro.

Beyond lubricating your machines, PavePro is great at preventing cold chunks from moving through your equipment. When asphalt cools, chunks can negatively impact your mat and damage your machine. PavePro as an asphalt remover softens cold asphalt, ensuring a smooth workflow in the morning without compromising asphalt integrity. As a release agent, it outlasts diesel fuel by up to 4 times, preventing build-up for multiple loads in a dump truck.

By replacing your current asphalt release agent with an innovative product like PavePro, you can effectively reduce your overall downtime and increase your crew’s efficiency on the job. This will ultimately save you money over time and get rid of a bunch of needless headaches.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

It’s An Asphalt Release Agent Like No Other

The benefits don’t stop at PavePro’s ability to lubricate and prevent build-up in your paving equipment longer than any other asphalt release agent on the market.

It Works On Drag Slats Too

Ensure your asphalt plant’s uninterrupted performance by safeguarding your drag slat with PavePro. Asphalt plants heavily depend on drag slats and their failure due to poor maintenance can lead to substantial daily revenue losses. PavePro simplifies drag slat care by cleaning, lubricating, and preventing build-up. PavePro ensures optimized conveyor performance with smoother material flow, reduced jerking, less build-up, decreased amp usage (up to 20%), and enhanced conveying efficiency.

Regular PavePro use prevents damage from asphalt accumulation, extending the conveyor system’s lifespan and minimizing stress on gearboxes and motors. This proactive approach not only reduces downtime but also saves costs on repairs and replacements, ensuring seamless plant operations and uptime.

It Is DOT-Approved And Safe

Despite originally being crowned the gold standard asphalt release agent, diesel fuel is illegal to use. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cheap and it works fine, but the DOT and asphalt plants have been cracking down on contractors who are using it to prevent build-up. The bigger problem is that diesel fuel and hot mix don’t mix–it’s incredibly unsafe.

Unlike diesel fuel, PavePro is 100% legal and DOT-approved. It is non-petroleum-based and biodegradable. Many asphalt plants and DOTs recommend you use PavePro in replacement of diesel fuel.

PavePro is also the safest asphalt release agent on the market. It isn’t combustible, nor does it contain harmful fumes and carcinogens like diesel fuel and other products do.

Your paving operations are only as effective as your equipment allows. While these machines are designed to be tough, they are made up of many small moving components that are subjected to intense and constant wear and tear. Over time, these things break. And when they break, your operations are losing money.

Preventing this from happening is easy. Simply replacing your current asphalt release agent with PavePro ensures that you are properly lubricating your equipment and preventing build-up from occurring.

If you’re interested in protecting your investments in your equipment and want to extend the life of them, give us a shout. We’d love to continue this conversation and help you increase the efficiency of your asphalt operations.


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