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It’s time we stop keeping secrets from you. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to change the asphalt release agent game. We’ve heard your complaints about the release agents at the plant, and we’re here today to introduce to you the baddest and strongest asphalt release agent you’ll ever use: BADASS.

There’s no question: BADASS is the best asphalt release agent that an asphalt plant can offer. BADASS Asphalt Release Agent (ARA) is an easy-to-use, premium, and high-performance asphalt release agent specifically formulated for high-polymer, high-oil, stone matrix, and conventional mix designs. This isn’t that typical water and dawn dish soap solution or crappy release agent most asphalt plants are giving out. This is the real deal. BADASS ARA is economical and highly concentrated, resulting in industry-leading effectiveness at high dilution levels on the stickiest of mix designs.


  • is an economical and highly-concentrated formula that prevents all asphalt adhesion.
  • works extremely well on all mixes. Yes this includes high-polymer, rubber and SMA.
  • is effective at various dilution ratios to fit asphalt plant’s unique needs.
  • is 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and a triple “0” NFPA.
  • is state DOT-approved and NTPEP-tested.
  • scored the highest score possible in the lab-controlled Asphalt Release Agent Performance Test.

The Problem At Most Asphalt Plants

It’s not often that you hear a truck driver or plant operator say they are entirely satisfied with the plant’s asphalt release agent. Chances are, most people hate the solutions they are given. If the spray systems aren’t spraying water and dish soap, the plant is probably spending a ton of money on a mediocre release agent that doesn’t cut it.
Whether you like it or not, most drivers resort to spraying their beds down with diesel before getting their loads. Sometimes, its the only thing that works. Once you start getting into the stickier mixes, drivers give up with the spray systems and exclusively use diesel.
But, diesel fuel is illegal. Many asphalt plants hate diesel, stopping drivers from using it on their property and kicking them off if they ever get caught. Not to mention, contractors can get heavy penalties for diesel fuel being used on their jobs. You either use diesel fuel and risk getting in trouble, or you use what’s at the plant and you risk asphalt sticking to the truck beds. It’s a lose-lose scenario.
But what if it didn’t have to be?

BADASS ARA Is Specifically Formulated

We traveled all across the United States, talking to asphalt crews, truck drivers, plant operators, cities, and DOTs and we’ve heard your frustrations. Our research and development team immediately began looking into a solution when we realized that we can help solve this problem. Over the next few months, we researched, tested, and revised a new asphalt release agent over and over again until we had the best product on the market.
We had a lot of requirements to ensure that we created the ideal release agent:

It needed to work on ALL asphalt mix designs:

Even the stickiest of asphalt mixes. No two mix types are the same. You know this: some aren’t a problem and others are stickier than all get out. BADASS needed to be effective on all types.

It needed to be cost-effective:

BADASS costs just pennies per load. Literally, BADASS is less than $0.05 per ton of asphalt.

It needed to be easy to use:

We needed a solution that we could pair with an automatic spray-down system and handheld pump-up sprayers. BADASS can be used with both and is as easy as a one-time application for many loads.

It needed to outperform other market-leading solutions:

We didn’t want to create a solution that was like all the other products being sold out there. We needed a badass solution that worked really well. So we tested the ever-living sh*t out of it.

BADASS ARA Underwent Extensive Testing

To be the best product, you have to actually show it. You can’t expect a product to work just because a salesperson said it will. So we went to the lab to prove our worth. And we did just that.

In a performance test conducted by NTPEP, BADASS achieved the maximum amount of pulls allotted by the NTPEP testing program on a polymer-modified binder. BADASS repeatedly prevented the polymer-modified binders from sticking to a metal surface on 3 seperate tests for multiple applications, outperforming all of its competition.
Here is the test data we came back with compared against our competitors (all data is publically available at data.ntpep.org):

BADASS (BA-30) test data:

Fail Rate: 7+ pulls
% of binder release on final pull: 100% released

Competitor #1 test data:

Fail Rate: 5 pulls
% of binder release on final pull: 26.1% released

Competitor #2 test data:

Fail Rate: 3 pulls
% of binder release on final pull: 17.8% released

In an independent lab test, BADASS showed 0% binder retained after 15 pulls. Talk about outperforming the competition…

BADASS ARA is DOT-Approved

Because we went through such extensive NTPEP testing, BADASS is DOT-approved and listed as BA-30 in states requiring qualified products for asphalt release agents. So no more worrying about getting caught with diesel fuel; BADASS is 100% legal.

Our Guarantee To You

We know that BADASS is the best asphalt release agent on the market and that it will beat the effectiveness and cost of your current bed release. You will be impressed, guaranteed.

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