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Can I Use PavePro At My Asphalt Plant?

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Can PavePro Be Used At Asphalt Plants?

PavePro is used to clean asphalt from tools and equipment in many applications throughout the paving process. While PavePro is used most frequently to clean at the laydown site and after the job, there are many other applications where PavePro shines! It makes sense to integrate PavePro into operations at the asphalt plant to improve efficiency and keep equipment running smoothly.  As you know, asphalt is an extremely sticky substance that adheres to many surfaces on plant equipment–applying PavePro Green to these surfaces will help keep the surfaces clean throughout the process, allowing operations at the plant to run smoothly.


  • Shovels and wrenches: Spray or dip shovels with PavePro Green just like at paving sites. Shovels are frequently used to clean up asphalt spills, especially around the dispensing silo where the spills occur during loading. They are also used in the asphalt collection process for lab testing, as well as scooping into asphalt sampling boxes that are being tested. Wrenches and other maintenance tools used on liquid asphalt tanks can also be kept clean with PavePro.
  • Spills: Efficiently clean up liquid asphalt spills and overflows on liquid asphalt tanks by applying PavePro to the tank and surrounding area
  • Liquid asphalt lines: Unclog liquid asphalt lines that have cooled and have become clogged. PavePro should be run through the asphalt lines on a regular basis, just as it would in a distributor machine.
  • Drag slats: Clean asphalt drag slats and prevent asphalt from sticking to the chains of the slats. An automatic spray system should be set up to periodically coat the chain and the slats to clean and keep them running smoothly.

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