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How Worker Fatigue Affects Bottom Line

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Cut the Cost of Fatigue with Smarter Solutions

Did you know that a single fatigued employee costs a construction company at least $3,500 a year in decreased productivity? 94% of construction workers report that they feel the impact of fatigue while on the job. Furthermore, 100% of construction workers report having at least one risk factor for fatigue. Risk factors include:

  • Physically demanding labor
  • Extended shifts (10 or more hours long)
  • Irregular shift times
  • Working 50 or more hours a week
  • Being in constant communication with other crew members
  • Having less than 12 hours in between shifts

A study was conducted by the National Safety Council in 2018 examining how big a factor working fatigued truly is. These alarming statistics listed above illustrate the fact that construction workers are at great risk of compromising their safety due to fatigue wearing on the body throughout the workday. The National Safety Council recommends various remedies to combat fatigue, such as proper shift scheduling practices and sleep education, but there are other ways to help eliminate this plague in the construction industry besides these.

Ultimately, having workers use products that save time, money, and effort cut down on worker fatigue and safety-related incidents.



In the paving industry, the amount of time spent halting operations to remove built-up asphalt throughout the day is staggering. It is unrealistic to expect end-of-day cleanup to be performed perfectly each day by already fatigued workers who just want to get homeNaturally, corners will be cut, causing equipment and machinery to break down and fail.  

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