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PavePro SDS (MSDS)

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PavePro supplies all of our current customers with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) shipped with the product, as well as upon request.

On the Chemtek website, we broke down each section of the SDS so that customers can understand each part of the important packet of information. You can read those breakdowns here.

If you are new to reading SDSs, their purpose is to ensure pertinent chemical information including hazards, precautions, properties, and usage/storage instructions are clearly communicated to end users. They are packed full of important information with each section relating to a specific aspect of safety (i.e. transportation information, ecological information, or flammability information).

If you would like to request a PavePro SDS or MSDS, please contact us through our “Contact” page or fill out the form on our “Order” page and indicate that you would like to request an SDS. We will then contact you with the necessary information and be sure to get you the right SDS for your product needs.

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