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How to Reduce Material Costs with PavePro

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Reducing Material Costs by Integrating Smarter Solutions

Producing quality work while limiting costs is a daily challenge for all paving and road construction contractors. Projects must be completed efficiently without compromising on quality. Chemtek, Inc. provides innovative solutions that improve efficiency, reduce material costs, and are safe for the environment and worker reducing risk and limiting the potential for EPA and OSHA fines. Let’s take a look at how integrating PavePro improves operations and reducse costs.

Asphalt build up on tools and equipment is inevitable in the paving industry. A good release agent and cleaner can provide tremendous labor cost savings and improve machine operations and efficiency. Unfortunately, many cleaners and release agents simply do not work well and most carry additional hazards with high flammability and low biodegradability.  Diesel fuel, the trusted industry standard for asphalt removal has been illegal for use as an asphalt cleaner for over 20 years. Citrus alternatives are considered RCRA hazardous wastes and boast very little (if any) release power. Additionally, citrus cleaners have a high evaporation rate which means hot paving environments require constant product reapplication. The threat of fines and associated hazards of using either citrus or diesel for asphalt removal coupled with the amount of product needed to get effective cleaning or release power make these inefficient solutions.

PavePro’s high evaporation rate allows…

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