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What is PavePro?

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PavePro is an asphalt solvent

PavePro literally melts asphalt. We could tell you about it all day long, but seeing is believing. Check out our TikTok. Or our demo page.

PavePro is an asphalt release agent

It’s the best of both worlds: an asphalt solvent that leaves behind a slick oily film better than any asphalt release you’ve used before and long-lasting release agent.

PavePro is the most powerful solvent

PavePro is strong. There is no disagreement about that. It doesn’t evaporate under high heat and continues to work well beyond the point that diesel and citrus disappear. It penetrates deep so you can spend less time cleaning and more time paving.

PavePro is the safest solvent

With a flash point well over 400 degrees, PavePro is the safest asphalt solvent. Unlike citrus and diesel, PavePro won’t combust or ignite under the heat of hot mix. PavePro is also water-emulsifiable which means its solvency deactivates when you rinse it. This prevents the solvent from eating through your skin, clothes, boots, vinyl decals, or paint like other solvents do.

PavePro is environmentally safe

PavePro is the most environmentally-safe asphalt solvent on the market today. It is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Our customers love PavePro because it is not considered RCRA hazardous waste or illegal by the Clean Water Act like our competitors. The EPA won’t come after you when you’re just trying to do your job.

PavePro is a brand of Chemtek, Inc.

PavePro was patented more than 25 years ago by Chemtek, a company based in Durham, North Carolina that strives to make air and road transportation safer and more effective. The asphalt solvent and release agent is exclusively formulated, manufactured, and sold by Chemtek.

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