When you come across PavePro for the first time, choosing the right product for your paving crew can be daunting. You’ve seen our videos. You’ve heard from our great customers. You know it works. But how do you know which product you’re supposed to use?
In reality, PavePro Green and PavePro Gold are both the same product: an asphalt solvent and release agent in one. These powerful asphalt solutions are known across the country for their incredible cleaning strength and long-lasting release power, but they both have their own unique abilities. In this guide, we will break down the difference between PavePro Green and PavePro Gold to help you determine which product is best for you.
PavePro is a killer asphalt solvent and release agent made to take the place of diesel fuel in the asphalt industry. You see, using diesel fuel on any paving job in the US is illegal. Not to mention it is dangerous, too. Over 25 years ago, Chemtek created and patented PavePro as the first-ever diesel fuel replacement. Now, called legal diesel by our customers, PavePro is stunning thousands of people across the US with its abilities.

PavePro is an asphalt solvent and asphalt release agent in one product. The 100% biodegradable solution will melt hardened asphalt and leaves behind that slick oily film that everyone loves from diesel fuel. Here is the best part: PavePro is actually better than diesel fuel because of its evaporation rate. Under hot mix, diesel fuel steams off and asphalt starts to stick. PavePro has a flash point well over 400°F and won’t evaporate away under 350°F hot mix like diesel does. PavePro works harder, lasts longer, and is actually legal to use. So which PavePro product do you need?

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

What is PavePro Green?

PavePro Green is the perfect combination of cleaning power, release power, and environmental safety. It boasts a powerful release ability and, with a flash point over 400’F, it’s our safest and most environmentally-friendly asphalt solvent. PavePro Green leaves a slick, oily film (just like diesel fuel) to keep the asphalt from sticking to tools and paving equipment. If you’ve ever seen our TikToks or Instagram videos, we almost always use PavePro Green. It’s the everyday cleaner and release agent!

What is PavePro Gold?

PavePro Gold is the OG asphalt cleaner. It is a tough solvent able to penetrate layers upon layers of hardened asphalt. PavePro Gold is also built to withstand colder paving conditions which makes it an ideal solution for pothole season up north!

So what’s the difference?

It’s quite simple, really. If you’ve run into a situation where nothing is cleaning up the asphalt or tack build up, PavePro Gold is the way to go. Its the ideal heavy-duty cleaner. Its the most powerful asphalt solvent on the market, perfect for end of season clean up.
A few years back, we had a customer with a couple inches of tack built up in the tank and into the lines of their distributor truck. They poured a 55-gallon drum of PavePro Gold into the tank and let it sit for a weekend. When they came back on Monday, the buildup had completely dissolved and they sprayed everything out of the lines. That’s what you call an asphalt solvent.
PavePo Gold is really powerful, but that comes at a cost. Its flash point is below 200°F. While it is still higher than other solutions, if you are looking for a high flash point product, PavePro Green is the way to go.
PavePro Green is your go-to, everyday cleaner. Its perfect for end-of-the-day cleaning to break down the toughest of buildups and prevents future buildup with its long-lasting release qualities. With a flash point over 400°F, PavePro Green stays on longer so you don’t have to apply it as much as any other product.
But that’s not all. PavePro Green has a unique ability unlike any typical asphalt solvents. It extends the life on shuttle buggies and paving machines by lubricating the moving parts inside of the machines. No one wants their paving machines sitting on the side of the road. You know what they say, “if you ain’t paving, you ain’t making money.” PavePro Green can even work in asphalt plants as a drag slat cleaner and lubricant. Its sole purpose is to make your job easier.

Introducing BADASS Asphalt Release Agent

Speaking of asphalt plants, there is no better time than now to announce the release of the newest PavePro product: BADASS ARA. BADASS is an easy-to-use, premium, and high-performance asphalt release agent specifically formulated for high-polymer, high-oil, stone matrix, and conventional mix designs. BADASS ARA is economical and highly concentrated, resulting in industry-leading effectiveness at high dilution levels on the stickiest of HMA and WMA mix designs.
In a performance test conducted by NTPEP, BADASS achieved the maximum amount of pulls allotted by NTPEP testers on polymer-modified binder. It performed so well that the testers stopped testing after 7 pulls. BADASS repeatedly prevented the polymer-modified binders from sticking to a metal surface on 3 separate tests for multiple applications, outperforming all its competition.
You can learn more about BADASS ARA here.
If you still aren’t sure what asphalt solvent or asphalt release agent you need, feel free to fill out the order form (pavepro.com/order) or give us a call today (888-389-3189). Our team would be more than happy to answer your questions and help find what’s best for you.


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