For years, asphalt contractors and municipalities have used diesel fuel as an asphalt cleaner and asphalt release agent. The reason is simple: it’s cheap and effective. However, its negative impact on worker safety and the environment, as well as the innovation of more effective products, are pushing people away from diesel fuel. That’s why Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation put together an in-depth research study into the best asphalt release agents and asphalt cleaners available.

Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) put together a third-party joint synthesis research team to provide valuable insight into the best asphalt release agents and asphalt cleaners to help INDOT make more informed decisions regarding testing and investing in diesel fuel alternatives. One product reigned supreme: PavePro.

We’ve been trying to communicate for years that PavePro is the best asphalt remover and release agent on the market. These aren’t opinions and this isn’t based on some random survey we conducted. It’s backed by science. After all, we have a research and development team that spends countless hours ensuring that our product scientifically outperforms any other asphalt products on the market. 

PavePro is the first and only patented asphalt cleaner and asphalt release agent that was specifically designed to replace and outperform the gold standard diesel fuel. Since its creation more than 25 years ago, PavePro has been taking the country by storm; our asphalt remover is loved by heavy highway asphalt contractors, DOTs, and cities alike. That made PavePro the perfect candidate for the research study. We know we have the best asphalt remover on the market. Could Purdue University prove us wrong? 

All About The Study

The study started with the University conducting a survey from DOTs across the nation regarding their product selection process and feedback on the products they use. Lists of asphalt release agents and asphalt cleaners were then created, as well as three criteria used to rank the products: economic impact, environmental impact, and safety. Scores were then combined to total a final score of the best all-around products.

The data from the study came from multiple sources: the NTPEP database, DOT-published asphalt release agent/asphalt cleaner lists, and data released by product manufacturers. NTPEP assisted greatly with relevant information relating to testing data, biodegradability, and flash points. Since there is no official list of tested asphalt cleaning products available, DOT-published lists were used as a primary source, and asphalt cleaner manufacturers were contacted to obtain all additional information.

Because our BADASS Asphalt Release Agent product was not yet developed at the time of the study, our PavePro Green product was tested as an asphalt cleaner only. Let’s look at what Purdue and INDOT found when looking at asphalt cleaners.

The Results Are In

The study took a look at the most commonly used products by DOTs. There were a total of 22 asphalt cleaners tested from 20 different manufacturers.

Asphalt Cleaners and Asphalt Removers tested in the INDOT study.

Criteria #1: Cost

For obvious reasons, the cost was the first criterion tested. It’s pretty hard to beat diesel fuel when it comes to cost. The costs of products ranged from less than $5 per gallon (Diesel) to $140 per gallon (709 KARNA-KLEAN). PavePro was the third most cost-effective option out of all of the asphalt cleaners tested.

Economical score distribution of asphalt removers tested.

Criteria #2: Safety

Safety was the next criterion tested. To test safety, the researchers used the most important figure when it comes to asphalt release agents and asphalt cleaners: flash point. We talk about it all the time because it is so impactful not only to the safety of the product but the effectiveness as well.

In short, the flash point is the temperature at which the product begins to evaporate into a vapor. This means two things: there is a potentially flammable vapor in the air and the product that is supposed to be cleaning is no longer doing its job. If it evaporates away, you have to reapply and use more product to continue cleaning.

When it came to flash point, five products tested below diesel fuel, which clocked in at around 140° Fahrenheit. The products that ranked below the already unsafe diesel fuel were Naturalizer VC, 709 KARNA-KLEAN, Rhoma-Sol, BIOPRO HF, and Orange Power Plus.

Flash point distribution of asphalt removers tested in the study.

When you take into consideration that hot mix asphalt has an average temperature between 300°-350°, you want to look for an asphalt remover with a flash point at or above this temperature for the safest and most effective solution.

PavePro was the only product that clocked a flash point above 350°. Not a single product other than PavePro even had a flash point above 250°.

Safety Score Distribution of Asphalt Removers

Criteria #3: Environmental Impact

Finally, the environmental score was calculated on whether or not the product was biodegradable. Every product, including PavePro and excluding diesel, is environmentally friendly and therefore received a perfect 100/100 on the environmental score.

The Obvious Standout Asphalt Remover: PavePro

By now, you should see there is a clear winner… and it’s not even close.

With a final score of 96.84, PavePro outshined the competition with the highest overall score, outperforming every other product tested.

The final score of the best asphalt solvents and asphalt removers

No other product even came close to breaking a total score of 80 and diesel fuel only racked in 33.3 points. This goes to show that, while diesel fuel and many other products out there work, there is only one product that is the most effective, most safe, and best bang for your buck: PavePro.

Additional feedback from the survey with the study even highlighted PavePro as one of the best products out there: “PavePro works the best (better than diesel)…”

If you are looking to get away from using diesel fuel, are fed up with your mediocre asphalt removal solution, or want to give PavePro a try, get in contact with our sales team here.

If you would like to learn more about the study, read it for yourself here.


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