Our favorite time of the year has finally arrived! As temperatures rise across the US, crews are finally warming up their equipment and heading out to work. Welcome to the 2022 paving season.

Adjusting to COVID-19

During these tough times, while so many businesses have had to lay off employees or shut down, the paving, maintenance and road building industry is still hard at work. Contractors across the country have had to adjust their day-to-day operations to follow CDC guidelines due to COVID-19. For many companies, crew sizes have decreased and meetings with customers have moved online. Social distancing has become second nature in an industry where teamwork and communication are keys to success.

Light at the end of the tunnel

While we may not all be fond to these new adjustments, it has become the new normal moving into 2021. According to a study completed during 2020, 87% of construction industries were experiencing project delays. However, many experts predict that we are on the back end of COVID-19. As businesses are reopening and traveling is ramping back up, the paving industry will see a spike in work to be completed–there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A paving boom is on the horizon

For the 2021 fiscal year, the US government introduced a $158.3 billion infrastructure bill. $78.7 billion is dedicated to surface transportation programs, like the highway system, and $75 billion is to be spent on housing and transportation infrastructure recovery impacted by COVID-19. With a huge need to catch up from missed work last year, this bill will encourage a booming 2021 paving season.

PavePro has you covered

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