Preventing Asphalt Roller Pickup with PavePro Blue: The Superior Asphalt Release Agent

Asphalt sticking to rollers is a common issue that can severely impact the quality of a freshly paved mat. This phenomenon, known as asphalt roller pickup, occurs when fine particles separate from the aggregate and asphaltic cement, adhering to the roller. This leaves holes and openings in the mat, forcing contractors to patch the surface, which slows down the project and increases overall costs due to additional material, labor, and loss of time. But preventing asphalt pickup on your roller is surprisingly easy with a specialty asphalt roller release agent like PavePro Blue.

Most water-based asphalt release agents offer significant environmental, safety, and efficiency benefits compared to other release agents, discussed shortly. They are typically 100% environmentally friendly and waterway safe, which is crucial since it’s nearly impossible to control or collect where the water runoff goes.

For workers, water-based agents are very safe once diluted. PavePro Blue, specifically, stands out as the safest option on the market. It contains no hazardous materials or carcinogens and is 100% biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for both worker safety and environmental protection.

In terms of efficiency, water-based agents are incredibly convenient. They can be mixed directly into the water tank of the roller with ease, allowing for straightforward application. Simply add water right on top of the agent, and you’re ready to go.

    Why NOT to Use Common Release Agents Like Diesel Fuel

    Using diesel fuel as an asphalt release agent is not only illegal but also highly detrimental to the integrity of asphalt.

    Diesel fuel is banned under multiple federal regulations, including the Oil Pollution Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Violating these laws can result in substantial fines and legal consequences for contractors.

    Diesel fuel also strips the asphaltic cement from the aggregate, causing hot mix degradation. When used as a release agent, diesel penetrates the asphalt mix, leading to long-term disintegration of the pavement. This degradation can manifest crumbling and cracking, significantly shortening the lifespan of the pavement. The leftover diesel continues to cause damage for weeks to months after application, compromising the quality and durability of the asphalt.

    Additionally, diesel fuel poses significant safety risks. With a flash point around 130°F, diesel fuel vaporizes under the high heat of asphalt, creating highly combustible fumes. These fumes can lead to dangerous explosions and flames, putting workers at serious risk. The health risks for workers are also considerable, as diesel fuel contains numerous pollutants and toxic compounds that can affect respiratory health and increase the risk of serious illnesses such as lung cancer.

    In contrast, PavePro offers a safer, more effective solution. PavePro is 100% biodegradable and non-flammable, making it a much safer option for both workers and the environment. It also provides better performance as a release agent and does not degrade the integrity of the asphalt.

    Why NOT to Use Dish Soap

    While dish soap might seem like a safe and cost-effective alternative for preventing asphalt pickup, it falls short in several critical areas. According to asphalt roller manufacturers, dish soap can initially make the roller drum slick, helping to prevent buildup. However, as the drum heats up from the asphalt, the soap can thicken and cause additional pickup. Since dish soap is designed for cleaning dishes and not for industrial applications, it does not prevent asphalt pick-up effectively as an asphalt roller release agent does.

    Furthermore, water alone, while a viable option, has a low evaporation point. When used alone, it quickly evaporates, reducing its effectiveness as a release agent. However, when modified with a specialized release agent like PavePro Blue, water can work much more effectively, providing a more durable solution for preventing asphalt pickup.

    Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

     Introducing PavePro Blue Asphalt Roller Release Agent

    PavePro Blue stands out from other asphalt release agents due to its unique formulation and superior performance. Unlike other agents and dish soap that merely make the water slick, PavePro Blue is designed to molecularly bond the water to the metal or rubber of the roller. This creates a protective barrier between the roller and the asphalt, effectively eliminating asphalt adhesion.

    This molecular bonding not only prevents asphalt from sticking to the roller but also helps protect the roller and keep it clean. By forming a durable barrier, PavePro Blue ensures that the roller remains free of buildup, which reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. This protective feature also extends the life of the equipment by reducing wear and tear caused by asphalt buildup.

    Paving professionals have reported several benefits when using PavePro Blue, including:

    • Enhanced Efficiency: The ease of mixing PavePro Blue directly into the roller’s water tank streamlines the application process, saving time and labor.
    • Safety and Environmental Benefits: As a 100% biodegradable and non-toxic product, PavePro Blue poses no health risks to workers and is environmentally friendly.
    • Cost Savings: By preventing asphalt buildup more effectively and being incredibly effective at high dilution rates, PavePro Blue helps reduce material costs and extends the lifespan of paving equipment.

    Application Tips and Best Practices

    To ensure optimal performance of PavePro Blue, it is essential to follow best practices and avoid common mistakes. Here are some key tips:

    • Consult with a Sales Representative: Always consult with a PavePro sales representative to determine the best dilution ratios and application rates for your specific needs. This ensures you are using the product effectively and efficiently.
    • Proper Dilution and Application: PavePro Blue should be added to the water tank first, followed by the addition of water. This ensures proper mixing and effectiveness of the product. Incorrect dilution can reduce its effectiveness in preventing asphalt pickup.
    • Understand the Product’s Purpose: It’s important to note that PavePro Blue is not a cleaner and will not strip asphalt. If cleaning is required, PavePro Green or Gold should be used, as these products are designed for cleaning but are not water-dilutable.

    By following these best practices, you can maximize the effectiveness of PavePro Blue and ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your equipment.

    In conclusion, using the right asphalt release agent is crucial for maintaining the quality and efficiency of your paving projects. PavePro Blue offers a superior solution with its unique molecular bonding capabilities, ensuring that asphalt does not stick to your rollers while also protecting and extending the life of your equipment. Switching from diesel fuel or dish soap to PavePro Blue provides numerous benefits, including safety for workers, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness due to its high dilution efficiency.

    If you’re ready to enhance your paving operations and prevent asphalt roller pickup effectively, consider trying PavePro Blue. Contact us today to learn more about our products, get a consultation on the best dilution ratios for your needs, and see the difference PavePro Blue can make in your projects.


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