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We’ve got exactly what you need: asphalt removers, asphalt release agents, and 2-in-1 solutions.

The 2-in-1 Remover & Release


Asphalt Solvent & Release Agent

400°F+ Flash Point

Clean & Prevent Build Up

Great For Truck Beds Too

Heavy-Duty Cleaner


Powerful Asphalt Remover

200°F+ Flash Point

Ideal For Thick Build Up & Tack

Removes Asphalt Sealcoat

Long-Lasting Release Agent


DOT-Approved Release Agent

Ready-To-Go & Concentrate

Truck Bed & Roller Release

State QPL Approved

PavePro Green

The 2-in-1 Asphalt Remover & Release Agent

Clean and prevent build up throughout your entire operations. Helping crews from the plant to the lay-down site and everyting in between, PavePro Green is a fan favorite.

Clean & Remove Asphalt

Penetrate deep into hardened asphalt with an asphalt solvent more effective than diesel or citrus.

Science-Backed Success

With a flash point over 400°F, Green doesn’t evaporate away like diesel and keeps working longer.

Better Than Diesel Release

Prevent build up in truck beds and on hand tools for 3-5x longer than diesel fuel will.

Innovative Formula

PavePro’s all-natural, biodegradable ingredients were specifically blended together to outperform diesel.

PavePro Gold

The Heavy-Duty Asphalt and Tack Remover

You won’t find a stronger asphalt remover on the market. After all, it’s named after a first-place metal. Perfect for asphalt-based seal coat, tack, emulsion, and the thickest asphalt build-up.

Penetrating Formula

Gold works hard so you don’t have to. Spray it on the hardest and stickiest of asphalt and let it eat through. The longer it sits, the deeper it melts and the better it cleans.

Safe On All Materials

PavePro products are pH neutral and non-caustic. With a quick rinse of water, they won’t dull out aluminum, strip paint, deteriorate rubber, or harm any other materials.

Ideal For Clean Up

PavePro Gold is the strongest asphalt cleaner for asphalt-based seal coat, tack, emulsion and the thickest of asphalt build-up.

PavePro Blue

High Performance Asphalt Release Agent

Preventing asphalt adhesion is easy with PavePro Blue. Dilute the concentrate to fit your specific needs as a truck bed release or asphalt roller release agent or use our Ready-To-Go formula for quick and easy use.


PavePro Blue is listed across multiple DOTs’ approved product lists for use as an asphalt release agent.

Truck Beds & Rollers

PavePro Blue is perfect for asphalt plants in truck beds to prevent carry back and in rollers as a roller release agent to prevent pick up.


Blue is our only water-dilutable formula and comes in two formes: ready-to-go and concentrate.

We’ve got something for everyone. 

From the asphalt plant to the lay-down site and everything in between, PavePro has a solution for your crew.

Asphalt Plants



The Smartest Way To Clean And Prevent Asphalt Build Up.