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PavePro has the perfect asphalt solvent and asphalt release agent for you.


We Have What You Need

PavePro Green Asphalt Solvent & Release Agent


The perfect combination of cleaning power, release power, and environmental safety. PavePro Green boasts a powerful release ability and, with a closed cup flashpoint over 400’F, it’s our safest and most environmentally-friendly asphalt solvent. Green is the perfect solution if you’re looking for the perfect balance between an asphalt remover and an asphalt release agent.

PavePro Orange Asphalt Solvent & Release Agent


The OG. PavePro Gold is a tough solvent able to penetrate layers of hardened asphalt. PavePro Gold is our all-around cleaner. While it leaves behind a slick, oily film to prevent buildup, Gold is the perfect solution if you’re looking for the strongest asphalt remover the dissolve the hardest of asphalt buildups.

PavePro Blue Asphalt Release Agent


PavePro Blue comes in two forms: ready-to-go and concentrate. Both forms are DOT-certified release agents ready to prevent asphalt build-up longer than any other solution. It stays on longer so you spend less time applying and more time paving. Blue is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a great truck bed release agent or roller release agent.


In The Size You Need

Our aerosol cans our sold out

Case of Aerosol Cans (12)

Case of Quarts (12)

5 Gallon Pail

55 Gallon Drum

275 gallon tote of PavePro asphalt release agent and asphalt solvent

275 Gallon Tote

330-gallon super tote

330 Gallon Super Tote


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