Your paving operations are only as effective as your equipment allows. While these machines are designed to be tough, they are made up of many small moving components that are subjected to intense and constant wear and tear. Over time, these things break. And when they break, you’re operations are losing money.

In a recent multi-year study with a customer in Georgia, PavePro was found to reduce quarterly equipment maintenance from normal wear and tear by 60% on shuttle buggy chains and paver conveyors when treated with PavePro. And the reason PavePro was able to do this is incredibly simple and not found in many other asphalt release agent products.

When we created PavePro, we had one goal in mind: to develop a beast asphalt remover and asphalt release agent that would blow every single other product out of the water. We didn’t just come across a formula that worked, we spent countless hours researching and developing every single ingredient in the product to make it the best it can absolutely be.

Every single ingredient in PavePro is an active ingredient; each has its own purpose. A couple of those ingredients are specifically added to increase lubricity in the moving components throughout your paving machines, shuttle buggies, drag slats, and more.

Moving components in your paving fleet are some of the most important parts of the machines you use every day. They are also some of the most fragile.

Diesel fuel is known to help lubricate these moving parts when it’s used as a release agent. But just like it’s use as an asphalt remover, diesel fuel just so happens to work. PavePro, on the other hand, was designed and formulated specifically to lubricate the moving parts and does so better than diesel fuel can, helping to decrease wear and tear on these delicate parts and keep your equipment out of the shop.

PavePro Prevents Cold Chunks On Machine Start-Up

Cold chunks can occur when asphalt cools in the bed of a truck or the hopper of the paver. When hot asphalt is dropped into the paver, the cold chunks break off and don’t always heat back up enough before they move through the conveyor. This can negatively impact the mat that you’re laying, but more importantly can break the paver’s fragile components as it moves through the machine, banging and scraping its way out. Preventing cold chunks is easy, but is often neglected by lazy crews.

PavePro can be used to decrease asphalt build-up in your paver or shuttle buggy in two ways: as a cleaner and as a release agent.

Once the day is over and you have asphalt sitting in your machine, you can use PavePro as an asphalt remover to soften that asphalt down. It’s almost so simple that it’s stupid. Spray it down at the end of the shift. Come back in the morning and run your mix right through the machine. PavePro won’t affect the integrity of the asphalt like diesel fuel will and it’ll soften up all the cold chunks to prevent them from harming your machine.

As an asphalt release agent, PavePro works to prevent asphalt build-up in the first place. It works just like diesel fuel, except it lasts up to 4x longer. In the bed of a dump truck, PavePro can last up to 4 loads from the plant before build-up begins to occur with one single application. Not only does this save you time having to reapply your release agent, but it also saves you money.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

PavePro Decreases Downtime On Drag Slats Too

Just like a paving crew’s reliance on its paver, an asphalt plant is incredibly reliant on its drag slat. Drag slat chains are prone to failing due to poor maintenance and cleaning, leading to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day at some plants. If your drag is broken and you can’t make asphalt, you can’t make any money either.

But preventing drag slat failure is easy. PavePro cleans, lubricates, and prevents build-up on drag slats.

With PavePro, you can optimize your drag slat conveyor’s performance. By eliminating asphalt buildup and lubricating moving parts, you’ll experience smoother material flow with reduced conveyor jerking or stress, reduced clogs, decreased amp usage (up to 20%), and improved conveying efficiency. Regular use of PavePro helps prevent damage caused by accumulated asphalt, extending the lifespan of your conveyor system, as well as reducing gearbox and motor stress. Aside from reducing your downtime, this will help you save on costly repairs and replacements, and keep your operations running smoothly.

If you’re interested in protecting your investments in your equipment and want to extend the life of them, give us a shout. We’d love to continue this conversation and help you increase the efficiency of your asphalt operations.


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