In the intricate world of asphalt production, optimizing efficiency is EVERYTHING. Asphalt plants grapple with an array of challenges, from something as simple as truck bed build-up and carryback to something complex like the loss of revenue due to extensive downtime. That’s why we set out on a mission to help revolutionize asphalt plants, eliminating asphalt build-up and decreasing plant downtime to help elevate the overall efficiency, productivity, and profits at plants.

This seems to be one of the biggest challenges in the industry; diesel fuel is a beloved centerpiece of everyone’s paving careers… But, times are changing and PavePro has a solution that is unlike any other asphalt release agent on the market.

Release Power That Lasts THREE Times (3x) Longer 

There is one single feature of asphalt release agents that makes all the difference in the world: flash point. You see, flash point controls how quickly or slowly a release agent evaporates. Once the product has evaporated, it no longer works, but as long as the product is present it can prevent build-up from occurring.

This means that a product with a higher flash point lasts longer in a truck bed: you apply less product, get more loads with one application, and decrease release agent costs.

PavePro Green lasts 3-4x longer than diesel fuel does when the hot mix hits the bed of a truck. With a flash point of 400°F+ (compared to diesel’s flash point of 130°F), PavePro doesn’t evaporate out when 300°F+ asphalt hits the bed.

This keeps your drivers happy because they can spend less time applying your release agent (if you don’t have an automatic system) and cleaning out their beds after every single load. They also won’t feel the need to stop a quarter of a mile down the road from your plant to spray down with diesel fuel and potentially disintegrate your mix before it even makes its way to the laydown site.

Eliminate Asphalt Carryback For Good

Another nuisance that affects plants, paving crews, and drivers is asphalt carryback which occurs when asphalt sticks to the bed of a truck when dumping a load and then subsequently hardens on the way back to the plant for the next load.

This can greatly decrease your payload as less asphalt gets delivered to the job site as the build-up continues over time and can cause hard, cold chunks to move through paving machines and cause extensive wear and tear. Not to mention, drivers will have to stop hauling, get out of their trucks, and spend time cleaning their beds rather than bringing you more asphalt.

Because PavePro Green doesn’t evaporate out in one load like diesel, citrus, and soy asphalt release agents do, you can eliminate asphalt carryback and effectively increase your overall productivity and efficiency.

Legal Solutions With Powerful Results

When you are dealing with asphalt release agents, there are two cases that you fall under when it comes to DOT compliance which dictate what products you are allowed to use on those jobs. 

1) State Regulated DOT Jobs

When your project involves the DOT, you either have to use a DOT-approved asphalt release agent or a non-petroleum-based asphalt release agent. Certain states have qualified product lists for asphalt release agents while other states do not. If they do, you have to use one of those products, like PavePro Blue (approved as PavePro Blue, 357, or BA-30 from Chemtek). If not, you can use any asphalt release agent that does not contain petroleum.

Click here to find out what type of product your state requires you to use

2) Non-Regulated Jobs

If the DOT isn’t in the picture, the type of asphalt release agent you use is up to you, so long as it is not made from petroleum. That means that diesel fuel, even if it isn’t a state job, is illegal to use.

It is recommended that you use PavePro Green on any asphalt paving job that you are on unless a DOT-approved product is required, and at that point, you should use PavePro Blue.  

Custom Spray Systems For Every Plant

To make your release agent experience even better, we offer a wide variety of badass bed spray applicator systems for our high-performance asphalt release agents.

Our systems are designed and engineered to properly apply our PavePro to prevent and release all asphalt in the truck bed without constant breaking and repair.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Clean And Protect Drag Slats To Prevent Downtime

Your drag slat conveyor system is the lifeline of your asphalt plant. If it goes down, you’re not producing asphalt and you’re not making money. It is one of the most important, yet difficult, parts of your plant to maintain. PavePro Drag Slat Xtender effectively removes 100% of all asphalt, tar, oil, and grease buildup from drag slat conveyors and lubricates chains and sprockets, extending its life as it cleans.

Drag Slats Break All Too Often

Neglecting maintenance and cleaning of drag slat chains is a major cause of failure, leading to staggering revenue losses of tens of thousands of dollars per day at certain plants. It is imperative that proper maintenance and cleaning be implemented to prevent such losses.

Let’s briefly look at the three most common issues with drag slats:

  • Tensile Failure – Over time, hardened asphalt builds up, stretches, and pulls apart the chain. 
  • Wear Failure – Cold build-up chunks eventually break off and move through the conveyor causing increased wear on the components.
  • Fatigue Failure – Long-term heavy asphalt loads cause micro-fractures in the chain.

PavePro DSX’s 2-Step Solution: Clean & Protect

PavePro is designed to remove asphalt from the chains and sprockets to reduce the life-cycle costs and maintenance resulting from build-ups in the conveyor system.

Step 1: Clean

PavePro DSX effectively removes 100% of asphalt and tar build-up, reducing labor costs and drag slat stress.

Step 2: Lubricates

It then helps to lubricate moving parts in the drag chain and drive sprockets to decrease wear and tear and avoid repeated breakdowns. 

But that’s not all: Prevents

Provides a non-stick barrier to help prevent asphalt from building back up.

With PavePro, you can optimize your drag slat conveyor’s performance. By eliminating asphalt buildup and lubricating moving parts, you’ll experience smoother material flow with reduced conveyor jerking or stress, reduced clogs, decreased amp usage (up to 20%), and improved conveying efficiency. Maximize your productivity and revenue by minimizing downtime and maintenance-related disruptions.

In asphalt production, the pursuit of efficiency is paramount. Asphalt plants grapple with multifaceted challenges, ranging from truck bed build-up to substantial downtime-induced revenue loss. Our mission was clear: to revolutionize asphalt plants, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and profits. One major challenge addressed in this quest is the reliance on diesel fuel to prevent asphalt build-up in truck beds. PavePro introduces a groundbreaking solution with a release power that lasts three times longer, significantly outperforming traditional release agents.
By eliminating asphalt carryback and adhering to legal compliance in both state-regulated DOT jobs and non-regulated scenarios, PavePro ensures powerful results without compromise. Moreover, our custom spray systems and Drag Slat Xtender provide tailored solutions, optimizing plant performance and preventing downtime. PavePro stands as a beacon of innovation in the asphalt industry, offering not just products, but comprehensive systems and support that redefine efficiency and profitability for asphalt plants.


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