It’s crazy how important cleaning is in our industry. I mean, without it, your equipment falls apart, your work looks like sh*t and your wife hates when you come home. I don’t think there are many industries where cleaning is so crucial.

Nonetheless, it is incredibly important to our success in the paving industry. From your shovels and boots to your pavers and truck beds and everything in between–it’s gotta be clean.

You wouldn’t believe how many hours some people tell us they spend cleaning their equipment. With inches in the bed of the truck, some people spend their entire afternoon spraying diesel and chipping away at the asphalt to get things clean.

We’ve even seen people comment about cleaning with a blowtorch. Don’t get me wrong, that works for small jobs and little patches of asphalt chunks that need to get pulled out. But it’s not going to fly when you’re trying to clean a whole fleet or clean something delicate like rubber hoses or polished aluminum.

People are wasting countless hours cleaning and just throwing away labor hours and money.

The Best Asphalt Remover: PavePro

That’s why the best way to clean asphalt, tack, prime, and oil is with PavePro. There isn’t any asphalt remover more effective and safe than PavePro is, and it’s super easy to use.

You apply PavePro just like you would with any other asphalt remover or diesel fuel: spray it on and let it sit.

Unlike other solvents, you can spray PavePro on anything and let it sit. If you have inches of buildup in a paver or a broken-down distributor with hardened tack, you can let it sit all weekend if you need to. In fact, the longer you let PavePro sit, the better it works.

PavePro has a unique ability to penetrate deeper than other solvents. Its high KB value lets it break down oils faster and move through the aggregate with ease, penetrating the thickest of asphalt buildup. And it won’t evaporate away or dry up over time either. It keeps working harder and longer so you can do just about anything else: smoke a cigarette, go get lunch or come back in the morning.

And the best part about PavePro is its safety. It won’t dull out your polished aluminum, discolor or strip your paint, or even eat away at your rubber hoses because it is 100% deactivated by water and is pH neutral.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Increase Your Efficiency: Save Money, Decrease Labor

Once you’ve sprayed everything down and given it time to work its magic, come back with a hot pressure washer (a garden hose with cold water or a rag will work too), and give it a blast.

Cleaning your asphalt equipment with our heavy-duty asphalt remover like PavePro Gold is perfect for all applications.

It’s made for you to clean your entire paving fleet with the maximum amount of efficiency possible. Pavers, tack trucks, hand tools, shuttle buggies, patch trucks, you name it; PavePro can clean it with ease.

PavePro Green is a great asphalt release agent too. Not only will it clean better than other solvents, but it’ll last 4-5 loads in a truck bed and 50+ shovel loads. That’s just another way we’re here to help make your job easier.


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