Tack and Oil Cleaner

PavePro: The Heavy-Duty Tack Truck Cleaner

PavePro Gold is the best way to clean distributor truck overspray, lines and nozzles without intensive labor or equipment damage.

Let PavePro Work For You.

PavePro Gold’s versatile and effective formula makes cleaning your distributor truck and ensuring proper function easier than ever before.

Interior Flushing

Pair PavePro with your self-clean flushing system to clear out lines and nozzles.

Exterior Cleaning

Softens and melts crystallized prime and overspray tack for easy removal.

Innovative Formula

PavePro is pH neutral and water-deactivated; it will not dull out aluminum and is safe on rubber.

Clean Your Problems Away

Clogged Lines

Tack, oil and prime often harden in lines when it cools. Flushing your lines with PavePro can clear things up so hot oil can flow again.

Faulty Nozzles

Caked up nozzles spray oil in every direction except where it should go. Soaking your nozzles or spraying them with PavePro can clear them up to flow correctly.


Protect your investment and keep your distributor truck free of overspray without putting harsh chemicals on the polished aluminum belly.

PavePro Is A Game-Changer