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What People Are Saying About PavePro

“Sample was so good that we had to get a whole jug.”

-Jacob, OH

“The Street Division refuses to use any other asphalt release agent or asphalt solvent. They absolutely LOVE PavePro. They literally will not use anything else.”

-Darren, NC

“This stuff is legit used it on our paver today, cut our wash time in half.”

-Jacob, CT

“Everybody is chasing Nike. Everybody is chasing Rogan, in the podcasting world. I think PavePro is going to be that icon.”

-Marvin, WI

“The guys over at PavePro always told us their product is just like diesel but it’s legal. They were right. This sh*t works.”

-Ken, TX

“Our crews have been using PavePro for years. Nothing works like it.”

-James, TN

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