Tests To Evaluate The Performance of Asphalt Release Agents

For decades, producers and contractors in the asphalt industry have relied on diesel fuel and petroleum-based solvents to clean and prevent asphalt build-up on their equipment. These products, while effective, come with drawbacks: they soften the asphalt and strip it off the aggregates, compromising mix quality and disintegrating the pavement prematurely. This raised caution among the DOTs and asphalt plants across the nation, who eventually decided to ban diesel fuel from being used on paving jobs.

Recognizing the need to preserve asphalt integrity, the industry has embraced a new player in preventing asphalt build-up: Asphalt Release Agents (ARAs). These products have replaced diesel and solvents, effectively preventing asphalt build-up without compromising mix quality.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) helped to pioneer the development of ARAs. They introduced new testing procedures and specifications, compiling a list of approved products. This initiative set the standard for ARA testing and regulation.

Standardizing Release Agent Testing

In 2010, the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) under the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) took on the task of testing and reporting ARA products on a national level. Their standardized testing procedures ensure that ARAs meet rigorous quality and performance standards.

NTPEP’s testing program includes three key procedures:

  1. Stripping Test: Evaluates the product’s ability to prevent asphalt from stripping off aggregates. This test is crucial for determining product effectiveness.
  2. Mixture Slide Test: Simulates the effect of mix in truck beds by measuring how much mix slides off a plate treated with the ARA product.
  3. Asphalt Performance Test: Assesses the product’s ability to protect asphalt from degradation when applied to various equipment surfaces.

The success of NTPEP’s ARA program has prompted DOTs to adopt similar testing and regulation. 

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The Power of PavePro Blue

PavePro Blue is not just another asphalt release agent; it’s a testament to innovation and quality. Designed to prevent asphalt build-up without compromising mix integrity, PavePro Blue is the result of years of research and development–and that’s why it boasts the best NTPEP testing results. 

To be the best product, you have to show it. You can’t expect a product to work just because a salesperson said it will. So we went to the lab to prove our worth.

In a performance test conducted by NTPEP, PavePro achieved the maximum amount of pulls allotted by the NTPEP testing program on a polymer-modified binder. PavePro repeatedly prevented the polymer-modified binders from sticking to a metal surface on 3 separate tests for multiple applications, outperforming all of its competition.

Here is the test data we came back with compared against our competitors (all data is publically available at data.ntpep.org):

PavePro test data:

Fail Rate: 7+ pulls

% of binder release on final pull: 100% released

Competitor #1 test data:

Fail Rate: 5 pulls

% of binder release on the final pull: 26.1% released

Competitor #2 test data:

Fail Rate: 3 pulls

% of binder release on the final pull: 17.8% released

In an independent lab test, PavePro Blue (tested as BA-30) showed 0% binder retained after 15 pulls. Talk about outperforming the competition…

PavePro’s Proven Performance

Backed by rigorous testing and certification, PavePro Blue exceeds industry standards for asphalt release agents. From the stripping test to the asphalt performance test, PavePro Blue delivers unmatched performance and reliability. 

If you need a DOT-approved asphalt release agent, PavePro Blue is, without a doubt, your best option. You can learn more about it here.

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