With the conclusion of ConExpo 2023 and the incoming warmer weather, paving crews across the US are ramping up their operations, warming up their pavers, and getting their crews ready for a killer new paving season.

Let’s look at how the tradeshow in Vegas went and what the rest of this year holds for the asphalt industry:

If you didn’t make it to ConExpo/Con-Agg this year, you missed out. What a show! With estimates above 140,000 people in attendance, it’s safe to say that both exhibitors and attendees were in for a blast.

The PavePro team made the trip to Vegas just over two weeks ago and spent countless hours putting together one of the largest and most impressive booths we’ve ever done.

The PavePro Asphalt Remover and Release Agent booth at the ConExpo Construction Tradeshow.

We had the opportunity to take meet new customers, take old customers out on the strip, meet thousands of our social media followers, and get our brand-new trial kits in the hands of hundreds of new PavePro users.

PavePro Asphalt Remover and Asphalt Release Agent trial kits for ConExpo only.

The show treated us well, and if you were able to attend, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. What a great way to kick off the 2023 paving season.

The Future Is Not Yet Here

Despite the hype around ChatGPT, robots, AI, and all of that technological hoopla, your jobs aren’t going anywhere. There were some really interesting advancements in asphalt technology and automated construction at the show, even remote-controlled heavy equipment that can be operated from across the country, but the bottom line is this: nothing will ever replace hard workers in this industry.

If you missed it, there are also some new all-electric rollers, pavers, and distributor trucks. After a long-awaited release, manufacturers have been catching a ton of criticism. These new pieces of equipment are said to have less than a few hours of run time, rendering them pretty useless for now.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt solvent or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Roads Are Here To Stay

The asphalt paving industry will always be one of the most important industries in the US. At the cornerstone of all that we do, roads are always going to need to be built and repaired continuously.

The United States 2023 Infrastructure Bill highlights this importance with “rebuilding our roads and bridges since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System” being one of the largest and most significant investments in history.

Change The Way You Pave With PavePro

ConExpo was proof that there is a huge shift away from diesel fuel as an asphalt remover or asphalt release agent. Everyone knows that diesel fuel is a great asphalt solvent, but there is a surprising shift in our industry away from it. Let’s break down why:

Diesel fuel is illegal. There is no denying this. With multiple federal laws preventing the use of diesel fuel as an asphalt solvent or release agent and increasing pressure from federal agencies, DOTs, and asphalt plants, hundreds of contractors are contacting us every week. And no, diesel fuel is not illegal “because it works the best”.

If that were the case, PavePro would be illegal instead. But guess what? Not only is PavePro legal and safer than diesel fuel, but PavePro also works better and prevents build-up longer.

There is not a better asphalt remover on the market that works as well as PavePro does. And that’s not an opinion; that’s a fact backed by DOTs and University researchers. PavePro also has a flashpoint well above 400°F meaning that it is a better and longer-lasting release agent than diesel fuel which has a flashpoint below 130°F.

It’s safe to say that PavePro is the best solution on the market.


Here’s To A Great 2023 Paving Season


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