Forget what you thought you knew about the good ‘ol number two as an asphalt release agent. It’s not the most effective way to prevent build up anymore. PavePro surpasses diesel fuel by lasting up to 300% longer, bringing a myriad of advantages that improve your asphalt operations.

The overall performance and longevity of an asphalt release agent are ultimately determined by one crucial factor: flash point, or the temperature at which a liquid turns into a vapor.

The problem with most asphalt release agents lies in the fact that their flash point is below the temperature of the hot mix asphalt. Diesel fuel clocks in at a flash point of 130°F and citrus has a flash point around 115°F.

That means that as soon as the asphalt hits your tools and equipment, your diesel fuel or other release agent immediately begins to vaporize and disappear, losing all of its effect and allowing asphalt to begin building up.

When we formulated and developed PavePro, we knew that this was a huge hurdle to the performance of our release agent. To combat this, we engineered the product to outlast the heat of the asphalt with a flash point over 400°F.

By topping the industry with the highest flash point on the market, you can comfortably see a 200-300% increase in the release power of PavePro compared to that of diesel fuel. Your crews can expect it to last 3-4x longer than diesel which brings some massive advantages to your operations.

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

The Longer It Lasts, The Better It Works

A release agent can have all the features in the world, but if it doesn’t withstand the heat of the asphalt and evaporates away and the features don’t matter one bit. But if you use a product like PavePro, you can experience all of its benefits for an extended period.

You see, PavePro seasons your equipment like a cast iron pan. It doesn’t evaporate away and the advantages and benefits begin to pile up as you use the product over time.

A great example of this is the lubricating aspect of our release agent. Both diesel fuel and PavePro lubricate the delicate moving parts in your paver conveyor or drag slat that are prone to breaking. The difference is that, unlike diesel fuel, PavePro stays on for a long time and doesn’t dry up as soon as the hot mix hits it. This ensures that your equipment is adequately lubricated throughout the workday.

And because it doesn’t evaporate away, PavePro allows you to use LESS product for BETTER results and your crew will spend less time worrying about cleaning and more time getting work done.

The Better It Works, The Easier Your Job

By using our high-flash point, long-lasting asphalt release agent to prevent build-up and lubricate your equipment, you’ll also see:

  • a decrease in equipment downtime: internal studies show a 60% reduction in downtime and repairs on shuttle buggy chains and paver conveyors.
  • an increase in operational efficiency: PavePro helps to keep crews working on the road without downtime or lengthy pauses to clean equipment.
  • an increase in safety: a 400°F flash point eliminates fumes and the chance of combustion when working near high heat.

Not to mention, a product that you use less of and see better results with will simultaneously save money and keep your crew happy. Sound like something that could help your operations?


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