You know the old saying: “There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat?” Each paving crew has different strategies, different equipment, and different ideas to complete a job. But there is always one thing that remains consistent across the entire paving industry: your asphalt release agent.

No matter how you lay a mat or finish it off, you have to have an asphalt release agent to keep your equipment functioning properly. The problem nowadays isn’t whether you use one or not, the problem is WHICH one you choose to use.

You see, for years paving contractors across the United States have used diesel fuel as their release agent. That was up until a few years ago when DOTs and asphalt plants enacted a strict “no diesel” policy that required contractors to find an alternative.

As time went on, more and more products popped up that claimed to be the best, but one product reigns supreme with data and track record to show that it is the first and only patented asphalt release agent and asphalt solvent that works better than diesel: PavePro.

Let’s take a look at all the different use cases for PavePro and what makes it the #1 product on the market for asphalt paving contractors.

Asphalt paving would not be asphalt paving without an asphalt paving machine… what a mouthful. Throughout the day, using PavePro Green as your asphalt release agent is the best way to prevent asphalt buildup on your hopper, augers, and screed.

With a flash point of over 400°F+, PavePro doesn’t evaporate away like citrus and diesel do. You can pave longer with less application and prevent more build-up with PavePro than any other release agent on the market. It is the perfect all-purpose, all-day asphalt release agent. It is biodegradable and non-petroleum-based so you won’t have to worry about an inspector looking over your shoulder or sniffing your sprayer. It even cleans build up really well for quick clean up during the day.

PavePro Green, as a release agent, is also a killer lubricant. Not only does it keep your moving parts clean, but it keeps components liable to breaking easily protected from the intense wear and tear of asphalt and helps to prevent downtime and breakages.

But if you want the best way to clean up the gnarliest, toughest caked-on asphalt at the end of the shift or before you take your paver into the shop, you should use PavePro Gold.

PavePro Gold is formulated to be the strongest asphalt remover possible. It’s made for the tough stuff that nothing else will get off. Just like our PavePro Green, Gold is biodegradable, water-deactivated, and safe for your workers. We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety!

Truck Beds

PavePro is also loved by trucker drivers and asphalt plants alike. After all, there is NO better asphalt release agent on the market than PavePro. That’s a bold claim, but hear me out:

PavePro lasts THREE TIMES longer under hot mix asphalt.

Because it has a flash point well above 400°F, PavePro doesn’t evaporate out like diesel fuel and citrus do. PavePro lasts so long that you can prevent build-up for multiple loads with a single application.

PavePro PREVENTS asphalt carryback with less product.

The problem with diesel fuel isn’t that it doesn’t work. It does. It just doesn’t work as well as PavePro does. If you were to apply the same amount of PavePro and diesel fuel to two different beds, you’d see that the bed prepped with our asphalt release agent will have less carryback after dumping its load.

Decreasing carryback is crucial to increasing your operation’s overall efficiency. You will waste less mix, make fewer trips, and save more money using PavePro as a release agent. 

PavePro DOES NOT degrade the integrity of your asphalt mix. 

That’s why asphalt plants and DOTs like when trucks and crews use PavePro. It’s not messing up their asphalt!

Diesel fuel is known for stripping and ruining asphalt. The reason is simple: it doesn’t biodegrade and so much product is used. When a driver soaks their bed down to prevent build-up, they just spray it “nilly willy,” all over the place because it is so cheap and requires so much to prevent build-up. Your asphalt becomes drenched with diesel fuel and it starts to strip the oils immediately. But it doesn’t end there… diesel fuel sits in the fresh asphalt mat for up to three months, continuing to weaken the mix.

PavePro, on the other hand, requires an unnoticeable amount of release agent to prevent build-up and biodegrades in just 3 days. 

Tired of your good-for-nothing asphalt remover or release agent and ready to make a switch?

Tack Trucks

As an asphalt solvent, PavePro Gold’s versatile and effective formula makes cleaning your distributor truck and ensuring proper function easier than ever before.

Not only is it the best way to soften and melt away crystallized prime and overspray tack for easy removal from the body of a distributor truck, but PavePro pairs perfectly with your truck’s self-clean flushing system to clear out lines and nozzles. No more worrying about clogged lines and faulty nozzles due to cool and hardened tack.

PavePro’s formula is innovative: it is pH-neutral and water-deactivated so it won’t dull out the aluminum body and is safe on your rubber lines.

Asphalt Rollers

PavePro Blue “Roll’r Plus” was designed specifically to eliminate asphalt pick-up in rollers with its 100% active, high-performance asphalt release agent formula. Here’s how it works:

PavePro uses its innovative clinging technology to force the water to bond to metal and rubber exhibiting major anti-wear and anti-adhesion properties. You add PavePro Blue right into your roller’s water tank for long-term release and to eliminate asphalt pick-up.

Shuttle Buggies

Don’t think we forgot your shuttle buggies: PavePro is the perfect asphalt solution to help keep them clean, lubricated, and functioning properly.

PavePro is an excellent choice for your shuttle buggies, whether you need a release agent and cleaner like PavePro Green for your material transfer vehicle or PavePro Blue to prevent asphalt build-up with the tire spray system.

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